Fidelatoo : an app to make life easier for retailers

The digital agency Squirrel launches Fidelatoo, a new mobile application dedicated to merchants

Offering a loyalty card to its customers is a real asset, especially for small businesses that want to increase the number of customers in their store. However, since the health crisis and the restrictions that came with it, the use of the QR code has been totally democratized in our daily uses… especially among retailers. This is partly why the Fidelatoo application offers to create a free loyalty card via the scan of a QR Code.

Promoting digital inclusion

Today, too many people – especially those who did not grow up with smartphones – still feel left behind and unable to use certain digital tools. Fidelatoo has been designed and thought to answer this problem of illiteracy, and to offer a new tool as simple as possible to accompany them step by step in their digital inclusion.

Offer a loyalty program with your smartphone

For the digital agency Squirrel, based in France and Reunion Island, digital is no longer an option, but a necessity, in order not to be overtaken by the competition. Thanks to Fidelatoo, which can be installed in a few clicks on a smartphone or a tablet, merchants will be able to define their own loyalty program and thus what they will offer to their most loyal customers.

As merchants become more comfortable with Fidelatoo, they will be able to communicate with their customers and use advanced features in the app such as sending notifications to the smartphones of customers who have given their consent.

Create a dematerialized loyalty card

First, you will obviously need to download the application. You can then create your pro account in a few clicks. In order to create a digital loyalty card, you will need to fill in your loyalty program information such as the number of points and rewards you wish to give to your customers.

When a customer creates an account on the app, it links to a QR Code and their loyalty card is generated at that time. Scan the QR code to integrate your customers into your loyalty program.

At the time of payment, the merchant scans the customer’s QR code in order to allocate his points. This allows customers to get rid of all their paper cards in exchange for a single loyalty card that is always in their pocket.

Manage your loyalty program

You will have complete control over your loyalty program. If you want to offer a coffee on the first point earned or on the 10th point earned, you can! The important thing is to find the loyalty program that will benefit you and your customers.

To add loyalty points, simply scan your customer’s QR code and enter the loyalty points that will be added to their balance. You can also measure the effectiveness of the application on your business activity using the dashboard.

The application works in Reunion Island as well as in mainland France and in Mauritius.

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