A guide to investing in Mauritius presented by the Southern Eco and the CCIFM

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Mauritius and the economic magazine L’Eco austral presented to the Press on July 24 a special edition: “Investing in Mauritius” scheduled for this month of October 2017.



In this special issue, an “Investor’s Guide” will be published by the CCIFM, partner of the magazine. This “Investor’s Guide” will deal in particular with the practical aspects of the latest finance law.

This edition will also feature interviews with personalities as well as focus on promising sectors of activity. Finally, a large part of the content will be devoted to “Mauritius as an investment platform towards Africa”.

Catherine Mitaine, President of the CCIFM, and Jacques Rombi, General Manager of Eco austral in Mauritius, gave details …..

Read the article on the Eco australwebsite

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