A Mauritian receives an international distinction from Huawei.


Mauritian Harvin Appadoo has been awarded the title of “Best Employee for Middle East and Africa” by Huawei. This international distinction was awarded to him on 24 January at a ceremony held in Dubai.



For Harvin Appadoo, Regional Strategic Director of Huawei, “It is a great honor to be recognized by a company as prestigious as Huawei. It’s gratifying to have your efforts recognized, and it’s all the result of hard work. I am very proud of this award.”

He also congratulated his team and employees, to whom he “dedicates this title”, but also “to all Mauritians who work at Huawei.”



Harvin Appadoo


With sixteen years of experience and having been with Huawei for only two years, Harvin Appadoo adds that “it’s a great motivation for the next few years, and it will allow us to aim even higher, even further, knowing we can ‘Make it Possible’!”

A well-deserved reward

After an individual evaluation taking into consideration management style, results and personality, Huawei CBG (Consumer Business), selected its best elements, including Harvin Appadoo. He has proven himself through hard work, leadership, dedication and an attitude that is in line with Huawei’s philosophy. With this spirit, Harvin Appadoo has been instrumental in the exponential growth of the brand in the region, notably in Mauritius, Botswana, Madagascar and Reunion.

To date, Huawei has always put the well-being of its employees first, as they are the very foundation of its success. This teamwork has contributed greatly to their third place in the world, with the goal of surpassing the competition.





Employees at the heart of their success

“In 2017, Huawei CBG will continue to put consumer needs at the center of its strategy, with a focus on point-of-sale experience, brand and services, to strengthen its operations and customer service,” added Harvin Appadoo.




Huawei, a global giant, has about 170,000 employees worldwide, and all of them have the opportunity to benefit from a corporate culture that helps them develop, realize their individual value while contributing to the growth of the company. This culture of hard work and commitment to society was directly instilled by Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder.

Huawei to serve you

Huawei products and services are available in over 170 countries. In 2015, Huawei was the world’s third largest mobile phone vendor. The company has 17 R&D centers in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. In order to strengthen its position, Huawei will continue to leverage its core competencies and the expertise of its employees to guide its future and become an even more popular brand among consumers.

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