A video game in 48 hours with the association Bouftang and the school Epitech

A video game in 48 hours with the association Bouftang and the school Epitech

At the Global Game Jam, which runs from January 25-28, 2019, a video game will be created in 48 hours. At least that’s the challenge that the Bouftang association and the Epitech school have set themselves. This major event in the world of programming will therefore witness a real feat that Internet users will also have the opportunity to test.



Global Game Jam 2019: a video game in 48 hours

Is it possible to create a video game in just 48 hours? That’s what we’re about to find out! Indeed, as part of the Global Game Jam 2019, The Bouftang Collective has set itself this challenge. Composed of the Epitech school and the Bouftang association, these video game professionals help develop the industry in Reunion Island. By the way, the 2019 edition will be held at the collective’s premises.


A non-stop creative work during the whole weekend

48 hours of work, day and night, await the teams involved in creating the video game. This Friday, the event kicks off, and throughout the weekend, participants from all over the world will gather. Their objective: to develop a video game within 48 hours, while respecting a given theme. The game should of course be as complete as possible. Indeed, it will then be tested by Internet users on a dedicated online platform.


Promote programming and project management among young (and not so young) people

Specialized in the field of computer science, Epitech, wishes to promote programming and project management to those fascinated by the video game world. This event will be an opportunity for them to discover all the skills required to create a video game. On the other hand, the most experienced players will find their happiness in the challenge of creating a game in a very short time.


Global Game Jam: a video game hackathon

This annual event has been going on for 10 years now and is free and open to the public. Thus, everyone can participate or simply come to learn about the world of video games. This hackathon takes place all over the world. Each year, a new theme is given. In previous editions, there have been themes such as Transmission, Extinction, or even more unexpected topics such as “the sound of a heartbeat”. It is also an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their creativity. Not to mention their ability to work within a short time frame.


About the Bouftang Collective

The Bouftang association and the Epitech school form together the Bouftang Collective. Since their inception in 2014, activity in the sector has multiplied. In addition, a large number of companies and countless video-game projects have been created thanks to this new dynamic. Epitech is a school specialized in computer science and innovation. It delivers a BAC+5 leading to jobs related to development, virtual reality, computer security or robotics. With 17 locations across Europe, the school is recognized as one of the best (100% of students in companies at the end of their studies).


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