Agileum launches Tamtam Connect, its new geolocation application!

Agileum, a leading IT consulting and systems integration company, has created its own fully customizable social network. Built around the principle of geolocation, it is adapted to different environments. Called Tamtam Connect, this application will provide you with extraordinary experiences, including group activities to share with your community of friends.



Social networks are nowadays omnipresent in our daily lives. They make it easier to meet people, to share moments of life, to communicate about an event, to exchange news or to look for a job. Nowadays, companies are also surfing on the wave of social networks to optimize their communication while creating their own community. It is an excellent media to communicate about their news, or even to exchange with their customers, in order to better meet their needs.




The genesis of Tamtam Connect…

Tamtam Connect is the result of a collaboration between AGILEUM and a major player in the hotel industry. The hotel where the application was first deployed was looking for a way to create interaction, animate and enhance the experience of young people, while taking advantage of the use of mobile phones and social networks, which are very popular with this target. The hotel player then turned to AGILEUM to develop an application that, based on the concept of social networking, would address these issues. Agileum then designed the application named “TAMTAM Connect”.




Tamtam Connect: the internal social network

It is from this observation that Agileum has created Tamtam Connect, an “internal social network” with the particularity of being entirely adapted to the needs of companies and their environment. Thus, it is aimed at universities, business parks, hotels, shopping malls, or amusement parks. In addition, Tamtam Connect is an innovative mobile application that integrates the geolocation function, allowing its users to interact, meet and participate in events in a predetermined geographical area.



Tamtam Connect also benefits from a central administration platform, with dashboards and reporting. This interface, with a data hosting, allows to collect information and to analyse the users’ behaviour (geolocation, sorting, filters…). The central platform allows you to manage push notification campaigns, define activities, monitor user behaviour, obtain statistics on the use of the application and finally study the ROI (return on investment). This will allow marketing teams to respond precisely to the demands of the application’s stakeholders.



The main features of Tamtam Connect are as follows:

  • Creation of a community : registration of users, putting them in contact, definition of places of common interest.
  • Real-time geolocation: the entity chooses the territory accessible by the community within which users and activities will be geolocated.
  • Event creation : the ability for users and application administrators to create events and invite all community members. For example: a conference, a picnic, a sports event for the employees of the business park, whose location will be indicated on the map.
  • Push notification system to alert users of the latest news, contact requests, and message receipt.
  • A chat for the community to communicate.
  • Rating system and satisfaction with the activities proposed or carried out, with the aim of improving them and evaluating their effectiveness.


Tamtam Connect


The application is available for free on Play Store.

About Agileum

Agileum (formerly known as DCDM Consulting Ltd) is a leading IT consulting and systems integration company. The company is present in Mauritius and among the islands of the Indian Ocean, as well as in Europe and in the countries of East and South Africa. For 25 years, Agileum has been advising its clients in improving their operational performance by accompanying them in their digital revolution. Agileum has a team of over 180 professionals, as well as world-class partners: IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Agileum has successfully completed more than 3,500 projects in some 20 countries in the Indian Ocean, Africa and Europe. The company articulates its offer around four service lines which are Cloud, Data, Security and Mobility.

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