Akanga 2.0 trainings or how to use Social Networks to increase the notoriety of your company

Akanga, literally translated from French, pintade, comes from the Malagasy proverb “Akanga maro tsy vakin’amboa!”, that is to say “The union of a community makes the strength! Akanga 2.0 is now in its 18th training session, which will be held from August 28 to September 1. To better understand the stakes and to deploy a strategy of viable and perennial presence on the web, that is the objective of these trainings



Social Media training scheduled for late August

Akanga 2.0 is an inter-company training program, specialized in the field of digital communication, in particular communication and marketing on social networks. This program has been in existence for two years now. The idea of creating a training program focused on social media was born in the minds of three friends in early 2015. Akanga 2.0, in its current form was born under the impulse of Thierry RATSIZEHENA, Social Media Consultant and Tolotra RASOANAIVO, the current Project Manager.


Tolotra Rasoanaivo and Thierry Ratsizehena


Akanga 2.0 has trained more than 100 professionals and has helped companies of all sizes strengthen the skills of their employees. The objective is to train Malagasy companies to better communicate on the Internet. This is obviously done through social media, which have become essential. Indeed, it is essential to understand the issues behind these platforms, to learn how to use them for your business, to have a battery of tools and techniques to succeed on social media, to measure the impact on your business, but above all to get acquainted with the latest developments in the sector.

It is important to remember that social networks have experienced strong growth in recent years. In 2014, Facebook – the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg – totaled 100,000 registrations per day. This is a relatively modest figure considering that it now peaks at 1 million. Twitter, the microblogging service that is famous for its 140 characters, has 175 million users worldwide. LinkedIn, the professional site, has nearly 80 million members. Why this sudden craze? Social networks are simply a fast and efficient way to share, exchange and communicate. It is therefore a significant sector for companies.


Akanga 2.0 - Formation en Social Media


Two modules available

Akanga 2.0 currently offers two modules focused on social media marketing.

The “Classic” training is a five-day continuous program to discover the mysteries of social networks. This training is intended for Community Managers, Communication or Marketing managers, Digital Project Managers… It covers the following topics

  • How to develop a Social Media strategy?
  • How to attract the attention of the Internet user thanks to the broadcasted content and what role does the blog play in the framework of a social media strategy?
  • How to optimize your presence on Facebook and Instagram, and thus improve your visibility?
  • How to integrate professional social networks into your strategy?
  • My first steps on Twitter: Developing a privileged relationship with your clients/prospects


Akanga 2.0 - Formation en Social Media


The “Advanced Level” training is designed for businesses that are already active on social media and are looking to expand their reach. This is a two-day program that is offered between two classic training courses, depending on the demand. It is intended for commercial companies, associations, NGOs and public bodies. The trainings are currently delivered by an expert social media trainer who co-founded the program.

In the coming years, Akanga 2.0 wishes to develop other training modules and to expand towards other digital marketing levers.

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