Challenge des Créateurs 2016: the winners revealed!

Designers' Challenge 2016

Drum roll… the 6 winners of the 19th edition of the Challenge des Créateurs are now known:



  • the prize for insertion went to Sonita TIROUMALE in the Crafts category (Le Baristarun Tirou Tuk Tuk), in Saint-Gilles-les Bains
  • the innovation prize to Arnaud Roland Jean CHEREAU – Trade category (Véloce SAS), in Piton Saint-Leu,
  • the prize for job creation to Fred GAVAUDAN, category Building (Gavaudan), in Le Tampon
  • the performance prize to Charles Frédéric PETIT, Trade category (Bourbon Barista), at the Montagne,
  • the prize for the pei product to Murielle Lydie LEBON, category Agriculture (Good fruits and vegetables), in Tampon,
  • The Jury Prize to Benjamin CLÉMENT, category Service (creative walks), La Possession.


  Challenge des créateurs 2016


Among the 130 candidates counted at the beginning of the competition, 12 finalists were selected during a speed-casting, an essential step in order to promote one’s product, one’s dynamism and to win a place in the final.

The objectives remain unchanged: to encourage the integration of people seeking employment and to give them the means to succeed in their entrepreneurial adventure. This challenge also helps to boost the economic sector while giving a helping hand to new entrepreneurs in need of financial assistance or support.


Challenge des créateurs 2016


The constant of this 2016 edition is that 48% of the candidates are people in social difficulties, wishing to create or develop their business. Activities related to crafts (44%) and services (35%) are the two most represented, with slightly more than 79% of creations falling within these two sectors of activity.

This year, the Department wished to innovate by giving the 12 finalists of the Creators’ Challenge the opportunity to present their career path and their company in pictures to the people of Reunion, in order to inspire those who want to embark on the adventure, and at the same time offer greater visibility to the challengers.


Zoom in on the 6 winners:

Insertion price


Innovation Award


Job Creation Award


The price of performance


Product price pei


Jury Prize


Congratulations to the winners and for those who want to participate next year, stay tuned to

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