Huawei Nova Plus now available in Mauritius

Huawei Nova Plus

With 2 days to go before Christmas, we’re all thinking about one thing: what to give to the ones we love … smartphone, tablet or even the latest gadget, the choice is endless. If you are thinking of giving a smartphone to the one you love, you should know that the Huawei Nova Plus is now available in Mauritius.



Aiming to meet consumer expectations, this smartphone features attractive multi-curves, a sophisticated camera for sparkling photos, and improved handling. Every feature of the Huawei Nova Plus has been designed to fit the dynamic and fast-paced lives of consumers, so every personality will finally be able to express itself!


Huawei Nova Plus

The Nova Plus is available at all authorized Huawei retailers, as well as at the two new Huawei Concept Stores located respectively at Trianon Shopping Park and Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius. This smartphone offers exceptional handling, coupled with a fashionable look, state-of-the-art performance and a camera that captures every detail, fulfilling Huawei’s commitment to innovation and design.

“Huawei caters to engaged and passionate consumers who are looking for a device that accompanies them in their lifestyle,” said Harvin Appadoo, Regional Strategic Director of Huawei. “Designed to bring new experiences to life with its incredible performance, stylish design and advanced photo features, the Nova Plus is a perfect fit for a generation that manages its life via its smartphone.”


Huawei strengthens its position in Mauritius


By opening two concept stores on November 3, Huawei wanted to strengthen its position on Mauritian soil. “The launch of these two concept stores represents the culmination of an excellent year for Huawei in the Mauritian market,” says Harvin Appadoo, Regional Strategic Director of Huawei.


Huawei Nova Plus


Taking advantage of the launch of the concept stores in question, Harvin Appadoo stressed that “with these two concept stores, we have the opportunity to make Mauritians discover or rediscover the Huawei brand, our products and our services, all in a space that is the image of our brand.


Huawei Nova Plus

The Huawei Nova Plus offers a minimalist and refined design with a 5.5″ screen. The back panel of the Nova Plus is perfectly finished with an advanced ceramic sandblasting process. To bring a more refined touch to this phone, Huawei engineers experimented with different calibers of ceramic grit, taking into consideration several parameters and processes to create “the” finish that will hit home with users.

Freeze frame

The Nova Plus comes with a 16-megapixel rear camera. The result is as expected: sharper, clearer photos, regardless of the surrounding conditions. On the other hand, the smartphone features fast focus, as well as greater accuracy, allowing consumers to capture the best moments of their lives.


Huawei Nova Plus


A Unique Performance

With a Snapdragon 625 processor, using 14nm technology, the Huawei Nova Plus offers better performance while being less power hungry. Specifically, its 3340 mAh battery offers a longer duration of use. The Huawei Nova Plus also features DTS headphones: XTM technology optimised for authentic multi-channel 3D sound with home cinema quality.

Protect your privacy

The Nova Plus allows to create separate profiles: owner, user and visitor. This feature provides better privacy protection, while still giving you access to common applications. The device allows you to use keyboard/mouse shortcuts to take screenshots, trigger video recording, or activate split screen mode.

I hope that we have given you a helping hand in your quest for gifts… we wish you good luck, because, without wanting to put pressure on you: D – 2 before the big unwrapping of gifts!

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