Digital Réunion, unveils the 2017 action plan of the French Tech

French Tech

The Digital Réunion association, which is piloting the “e-health” themed French Tech initiative on the island of Réunion, presented its 2017 action plan on Thursday 23 March 2017. The plan focuses on 5 main areas and will be coordinated by 5 commissions representing the local ecosystem.



This action plan, which aims to be both collaborative and efficient, offers new services to innovative companies and local startups:

  • Accelerate the development of start-ups, notably through greater coordination with existing accelerators and programs through mentoring and digital health expertise;
  • Supporting training and research in digital health within Réunionese companies and startups;
  • Promote the emergence and development of private financing for projects;
  • Animate the dynamics through local, national and international events, such as the NxSE Forum.


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A more dynamic ecosystem

In order to instil more collective dynamics in the territory’s ecosystem, a series of actions will be set up by Digital Réunion. In particular: the creation of a “FrenchTech” acceleration fund, mixing public and private financing, the organization of a “hacking health’s camp”, and the participation in the FrenchTech “Health’s tech” tour.



For the first time, this year, Digital Réunion wishes to organize on NxSE 2017, a competition aimed at all project holders and start-ups working in the field of e-health: the Hacking Health Camp 2017.



A fruitful collaboration

The implementation of this action plan will be delegated to a steering committee made up of 5 commissions: companies and startups, healthcare players, funders and investors, research and training and international attractiveness. The event will be coordinated by Digital Reunion, and hosted by Elodie Royer, Vice-President of Innovation and Research.

“This action plan has been designed to operate under a collaborative model. We hope that all the players concerned by the issue of e-health in the broadest sense of the term will join us in order to make Reunion shine”, insists Philippe Arnaud, the President of Digital Reunion.



A team of experts at your disposal

A variation of the “5,000 Startups” scheme, developed by Syntec Numérique, will also be proposed as part of this action plan. The startups that call on it will be entitled to legal or technical advice, and will be able to access a one-stop shop for guidance and information, as well as financial labelling and insurance packages.


An assured accompaniment

In order to meet the demands, Syntec Numérique has designed a “360°” support, i.e. a program that covers all areas of a company’s development. Since the launch of the program supported by French Tech in September 2015, more than 350 companies have joined Syntec Numérique as part of this scheme.

“This program will complement existing facilities such as incubators and business incubators, with which we will work closely to improve the offer without duplicating existing solutions,” explains Philippe Arnaud.


French Tech


French Tech

Since July 2016, Reunion Island has been part of the French Tech network, becoming the1st French overseas ecosystem recognized as a member of the thematic network. Reunion’s application was led by the Digital Reunion association, in collaboration with the players in the ecosystem and partly financed by CINOR and the Saint-André town hall.

The primary ambition of FrenchTech is to create a collective dynamic with the aim of placing France among the great startup nations.

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