Hanta in the 100 most influential women in Africa

Hanta Tiana

She shone on Forbes Africa magazine’s list of the top 30 African entrepreneurs under the age of 30, thanks to her company Flore Aroma. Hanta Tiana is still in the news as the only Malagasy woman on list of the 100 most influential African women.



Madagascar in the spotlight

If 90% of start-ups fail, Hanta Tiana’s is flourishing, and is a credit to the big island. At the age of 24, the young lady is making a name for herself on all fronts and inspiring African youth. According to Forbes, Hanta Tiana is among the emerging fortunes of Madagascar.


Hanta Tiana


Nature, his passion

Far from just wanting to earn money, Hanta Tiana wants to share her passion for nature. “She also makes occasional donations of her products to basic health centres in Madagascar, starting with Mananjary. This earned her the honors of the First Lady Voahangy Rajaonarimampianina, who received her at her home, and invited her to the International Polio Vaccine Day last April,” Afrikmag reports.


Its history

The story of Hanta Tiana is one of the success stories of Madagascar. It all starts in 2011. After failing to complete her studies in Business Administration in the United States, Hanta returned to her home country determined to pursue entrepreneurship. This is how Bio Mada was born, a company that was later renamed Flore Aroma.



The great sell-off of Madagascar helped him a lot at the beginning. It was during this event that Hanta got to know pharmaceutical wholesalers. Confident, she proposes her project and her ecological products made of medicinal plants, and charms more than one. Hanta is continuing to build on its success and is determined to make a name for itself in its market. For her, a healthy life is possible and now affordable for everyone.

“The most difficult thing is to gather all the elements to be able to adapt to the Malagasy market and to the economic situation. However, it is also necessary to know oneself and not necessarily to melt into the background, but on the contrary to bring a touch of innovation to better identify oneself on the market. Social networks and international online competitions have helped me a lot to have a better visibility. Building a valuable Madagascar and better than ever,” said Hanta.


Hata Tiana

Young people do not dare to take the big leap that could change their lives. According to Hanta Tiana: “You must not be afraid to fail, you must have a fighting spirit. In spite of failures, you must always continue to fight and raise your head. The greatest successes are achieved over time. Experience always makes the difference.

Source : LeCitoyen

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