Ducray Lenoir and Philips introduce Connected Care in Mauritius

In 1987, Dominique Gaela took over Ducray Lenoir Ltd, an ISO 9001 certified company. Its objective? To become a leader in the supply of equipment and consumables in the medical and scientific sector. On August 2nd, Ducray Lenoir and Philips presented “Connected Care”.



Connected Care, a solution for compiling medical data

Solving the problem of the large number of files in hospitals is the objective of the Centralised Monitoring System. Connected Care has the function of compiling all patient records. This system will improve the efficiency and reliability of the medical profession by freeing them from the often cumbersome paper file.



Connected Care dematerialises medical data and makes it accessible from one hospital to another. In recent years, IT has become an integral part of the health care field. Systems such as Connected Care can simplify time-consuming processes. As a result, the risk of medical errors is reduced and information about a patient is easily accessible.

This includes vital information such as the patient’s allergies, blood type and medical history. In addition, it will be possible to find information such as the patient’s X-rays or monitoring data.



In order to respect privacy, this sensitive data will only be available to the attending physician. The latter will be given a username and password. Connected Care is a fully secure tool. The latter was designed for use in intensive care units. Later on, it can be installed in gynaecology or paediatrics.

Ducray Lenoir, 60 years of experience in medical equipment

Founded in 1956, Ducray Lenoir is a well-known figure in the medical and scientific field. During a workshop held at the Voilà Hotel in Bagatelle, the company presented a Centralised Monitoring System called Connected Care on Wednesday 2 August. It is an international standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization for the implementation of a quality management system.



Ducray Lenoir, with its 60 years of experience, is the company behind the introduction of technological innovations in the field of health in Mauritius. Private clinics, public hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics and other entities are its usual clients. The company usually supplies equipment for sterilization or physiotherapy.

The company specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of laboratory equipment and chemical products, medical consumables, pharmaceutical products, veterinary products, medical equipment…



About a hundred companies across America, Europe and Asia work with the company. Indeed, Ducray Lenoir has at heart to collaborate with manufacturers recognized to be references in specific fields. For this reason, the company decided to work with Philips, a Dutch company registered as Koninklijke Philips N.V. and one of the world’s most renowned medical equipment groups.

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