Emtel introduces the West Coast Fibre Network

Emtel introduces the West Coast Fibre Network

Emtel’s 72 km West Coast Fibre Network is a fibre optic network with a specific purpose: to boost and secure business IT systems. These innovative and tailor-made optimization solutions should make the western and southern regions of the country happy. Business partners from the region were invited to the launch ceremony given by Emtel at the Morne Anglers Club in Black River.



According to Yann Gellé, Sales Director – Special Projects at Emtel, “the West Coast Fibre Network is a response to the demands of our customers and a number of companies operating in this part of the island. He adds that “some wanted to take full advantage of our Enterprise services. Others wanted an alternative… It’s now done!


State-of-the-art ICT services

A whole range of new ICT services are now available to this corporate clientele, who can now take full advantage of them. In addition to traditional services such as mobile telephony, Internet connection, private connections/VPN, fixed line services and PABX, these firms can now take advantage of Cloud services, Data Centre, Firewall, CCTV, WIFI, IPTV etc.


Emtel opens up a world of new opportunities for businesses in the West and South

According to Yann Gellé, Emtel is now positioned as a ‘One Stop ICT Solution Provider’. The teams are made up of sales people and ICT engineers. They have already enabled a number of local companies to benefit from significant optimisations in their ICT infrastructure. From now on, Emtel wants to offer these advantages to companies in the West and South of France. Improved high-speed connections will be offered to specific partners through this fibre.


Local data hosting

Cloud and Data Centre services, which have been popular for some time, are now available to companies in this region. Increasingly aware of the advantages of this practice, companies are favouring the hosting of their data in Mauritius. A more resilient network and smoother mobile data or broadband throughput will be provided to customers who communicate or are connected to the mobile network. The latter will not be left out.


Emtel présente le West Coast Fibre Network

These new partnerships with companies in various sectors in this part of the country are a source of pride for Emtel.

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