French Tech Mauritius joins the new Communities and Capitals

French Tech Mauritius

New French Tech Communities and Capitals were labeled on April 3, 2019, including French Tech Mauritius, Reunion. As a result, 13 French Tech Capitals, 38 French Tech communities in France and 48 French Tech communities abroad have been approved by the French Tech mission. This announcement was made in the presence of Cedric O, Secretary of State for Digital, and Kat Borlongan, director of the French Tech mission, French Tech Central StationF.



French Tech Mauritius approved

In 2017, the first meeting of the “French Tech Mauritius” was held to discuss a potential labeling of the island’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, it is finally done! Indeed, just like Reunion Island and Madagascar, Mauritius joins the list of 13 capitals and 96 communities in France and abroad. A new dynamic for our ecosystem and more synergy with the French Tech mission.


More than 2000 startup leaders answered the call

A call was launched in December 2018 to bring entrepreneurs together in French Tech Communities and Capitales. Following this call, 13 French Tech Capitals, 38 French Tech Communities in France and 48 French Tech Communities abroad were awarded the label for a renewable three-year period. In order to qualify as a community, it was essential to bring together at least four entrepreneurs who could unite 50 other start-ups. In addition, more than 2,000 startup leaders from all parts of France and abroad were gathered.


And Mauritius in all this?

Even before acquiring this label, the Mauritian ecosystem underwent profound transformations. This has enabled him to position himself well. Indeed, Mauritius benefits from a real active community (and not only French). This is punctuated by events such as the Developer Conference, the Krakathon and the Webcup. Not to mention the growing culture of co-working, the emergence of incubators and accelerators with initiatives such as the Turbine, The Hive, The Ground, Mauritius startup incubator and Co-Working Port-Louis. The icing on the cake is that more and more young people are embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure.

Today, this French Tech Hub label illustrates the recognition of the community’s efforts and seriousness by a third nation. In addition to giving a nice spotlight to all these initiatives, this should, in fine, contribute to their development and sustainability.


What is a French Tech Hub?

According to the French Tech website “The mission of the French Tech Hubs is to bring together all French entrepreneurs and French startups abroad, to accelerate their activity and give them visibility!” The “French Tech” label is a scheme launched in November 2013 by the French government to promote the growth of French startups.


Their mission

The “French Tech Hubs” have a mission: to bring together all French entrepreneurs and startups based abroad. This, with the aim of accelerating their activity and giving them visibility. They are open to any French-speaking professional living or working in the countries where the hubs are located, and invested in the life of French startups. The ambition of these French Tech Hubs is to structure the French Tech communities in the world’s major innovation metropolises.


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