GetUp Mobile: zero waste smartphone objective

GetUp Mobile

The start-up GetUp Mobile has a very specific goal, to make the recycling of smartphones natural. Based in Saint-Leu, Reunion Island, it offers logistical, hardware and software solutions for mobile phones. In addition, it allows you to recycle, buy sustainable and repair smartphones, tablets as well as drones.



An ecological startup in Reunion Island

GetUp Mobile is a very young start-up born a year and a half ago. It was launched in 2017 by three young entrepreneurs from the top engineering schools in France and Belgium. However, it has already revolutionized the telephone landscape on Reunion Island. Indeed, the company offers software, hardware and logistical solutions for smartphones, but with an ecological approach. GetUp Mobile is also one of the winners of the call for circular economy projects, supported by ADEME and the Reunion Region.


GetUp Mobile aims for zero waste smartphone

If you’re looking to get a new smartphone, or just fix your current one, GetUp Mobile should appeal to you. Its “zero waste” objective is what characterizes this startup. It is indeed capable of carrying out repairs previously considered impossible on Sister Island. To do this, she has surrounded herself with an ultra-specialized team, including a microelectronics specialist who has long worked in the aeronautics industry.


A 100% recycled phone

If, despite the team’s expertise, the mobile is beyond repair, all its parts, without exception, are recycled. Indeed, the precious metals are extracted by one of only two specialized companies in the world, based in Belgium. This means that there is no risk of the lithium in your battery ending up in the lagoon or on land. It is a significant step forward for Reunion Island to ensure that no final waste will pollute the planet.


The GetUp app to discover in the interactive kiosks

Three SFR stores have made interactive kiosks available to the public. Fun and innovative, this approach aims to facilitate the recovery of smartphones. Thus, the user simply has to choose the model and answer a few technical questions. An SMS is then sent to proceed with the installation of the GetUp application. The latter diagnoses the smartphone’s components and instantly provides a trade-in offer. A follow-up sheet is then created. It contains the history of the phone.


Technology at the service of business and people

GetUp Mobile has already won over several large companies in Reunion Island, who entrust it with the management of their phone fleet. Due to the unprecedented repair possibilities and the high qualifications of the employees, GetUp is able to offer maintenance contracts at 30 to 40% lower cost, with exemplary quality. Moreover, the founders of the startup make it a point of honour to maintain a human dimension. Thus, all smartphones whose repair would not be profitable are offered to associations. Moreover, Thomas, one of GetUp’s associate engineers, is also an airline pilot. It regularly brings back to Madagascar donations of cables and electronic equipment.


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