Huawei sows the seeds of a future immersed in technology!

Huawei sows the seeds of a future immersed in technology!

Train the young generation in new technologies and open them up to new professions! This is the objective of the CSR program, “Huawei seeds for the future” of the mobile phone company Huawei. Thus, on Friday 1n June, ten UoM students flew to China to receive training.



Technology is a booming field in Mauritius, attracting a young generation in search of modernity and novelty. A field that is giving rise to new trades capable of bringing in a lot of money for the country’s economic counter. However, the country needs to develop experienced people to meet the challenges ahead. Huawei’s goal is to provide the right training to digital stakeholders. To this end, ten students from the University of Mauritius flew to China on Friday 1 June. A two-week trip that results in learning and discovering a booming digital ecosystem.

Thanks to the “Huawei seeds for the future” programme, the students of the University of Mauritius (UOM) will be entitled to a training at the Beijing Language & Culture University. They will also have the chance to visit Huawei’s campus in Shenzhen, to further their digital understanding.


  le campus de Huawei à Shenzhen


Responding to technological challenges

To meet the technological challenges, the CSR is now in its second edition.

“The technological world is constantly evolving. To meet the challenges, today’s students must develop their technological culture and confront the latest innovations. The immersion of the laureates in our campus in Shenzhen places innovation at the heart of the program, both through the curriculum and through the inspiring meetings organized on site, with our representatives from Huawei laboratories in particular,” emphasized Mr. Xueman, Vice President of Huawei Technologies.

The winners of this program were announced at a graduation ceremony. The ceremony took place at the University of Mauritius in the presence of the Minister of Communication, Technology and Innovation, Yogida Sawmynaden, the Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Sun Gongyi, the Vice President of Huawei Technologies, Mr. Xueman and Mr. Liaoyong, CEO of Huawei Southern Africa.


Students with a thirst for knowledge

To acquire new knowledge and to enrich the knowledge already acquired, students enrolled in the program are eager to learn more. Moreover, this infatuation was transmitted in their words.

“Participating in ‘Seeds for Future’ is a real opportunity, not only from a personal point of view, but also from a professional one. I knew Huawei by reputation and now I have the opportunity to experience the Group’s products and expertise. The experience of the university alumni really pushed me to apply this year. I am delighted to be one of the 2018 winners,” highlighted Humairaa Joholee, one of the winners of the programme.

For this second edition, in addition to Humairaa Joholee, the other winners are: Nischay Gaya, Roopmanee Joyekurun, Muhammad Yasser Oozeer, Pawan Kumar Boodhoo, KhoushalMakhun, Louvi Doorganah, Muhammad Razah Khodabaccus, Shyleena Coolen and Nidhish Somaroo.

The ten selected students are also entitled to an internship at Huawei Mauritius for 6 months. With two weeks in China followed by a six-month internship, the winners have a golden opportunity to learn from professionals. This exceptional adventure will open many doors during their career.


  le campus de Huawei à Shenzhen


A program that opens people to the digital world

Initiated by Huawei in 2008, this program combines the objectives:

  • Develop local talent in the ICT sector,
  • Improve knowledge transfer,
  • Promote a better understanding and interest in the telecommunications sector,
  • Encourage regional building and participation in the digital community

In 2017, Mauritius joined the 98 countries worldwide where the Seeds for the Future program has been implemented with over 30,000 student beneficiaries.

“At Huawei, we believe it is essential to create opportunities in education to support and promote the talents that will be the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, Huawei’s global program, ‘Seeds for the Future’ opens the doors of China to ten young talents. It gives them the opportunity to learn about Chinese language and culture at the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) in Beijing and to immerse themselves in the digital ecosystem at the Huawei Campus in Shenzhen,” said Mr. Xueman.

“Seeds For The Future” is part of Huawei’s CSR program. Today’s economic challenges and the rapid pace of change in information technology require a good basic knowledge of computers. This program promotes increased productivity, employability, and product and service development.


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