I tested the GoPro Karma Drone

Test drone gopro karma ile maurice

This is a first for me! I had never flown a drone before. So when GoPro asked me to test the latest version of their drone, the “Karma”, you can imagine my enthusiasm! Without further ado, here are my first impressions of this test conducted at Pointe aux Caves, at the Albion lighthouse.



A very practical backpack!

The Karma offers a “all-in-one” drone, delivered in a backpack that contains everything you need: the drone, the control unit, storage for your Gopro and battery, not to mention the Karma grip, a handheld stabilizer.

drone karma gopro


I must admit that for me, the fact that the handheld stabilizer is integrated is a definite plus! We can say that Gopro has really thought of everything and especially for those who like to film their entire outings.


karma grip


The Karma grip is easily attached to the bag supplied with the drone, offering the possibility of filming from the ground, then attaching the camera to the drone. It’s a unique experience that no other manufacturer offers today. Personally, I don’t like to carry too many accessories. GoPro allows you to store everything in a single bag designed for. This is one of the most valuable advantages that can be attributed to Karma, suggesting many possibilities.


Karma GoPro


How was the test?

Here are the images from my very first drone test, made with the Karma and a Gopro Hero 5 black in 1080p at 60fps (beware, it spins a lot!).



From the beginning of the video, appreciate the ease with which I got the drone off the ground. This also applies to the handling of the control, the directions, and the camera. In just a few moments, I am able to take full control of the drone, which despite a slight wind, remains stable. Flying the Karma is child’s play, especially as the announced autonomy is around twenty minutes of flight: this is where we appreciate being able to film with our GoPro and the Karma Grip! The touch screen control and the associated application are very well done and extremely easy to use.


commande gopro Karma



I really enjoyed this test, and would remember the Karma’s well thought out packaging for a truly different experience, and without being pure drone. Personally, I think it’s a shame that it doesn’t have a sensor to avoid obstacles and/or track objects, especially for a retail price that should be 55 990 rs. However, let’s be honest: you get what you pay for! The Karma includes the GoPro, the bag and the Karma Grip. It is a complete, all-in-one, all-user solution. The GoPro representative also told me that spare parts will be easily accessible in Mauritius, knowing that it is possible to repair many parts yourself (in DIY mode). Finally, a mobile application is available, allowing one or more of your friends to “stream” the camera with their phone and thus see in real time what the Karma drone is filming.



Karma offers a really interesting experience! It is not only a drone, it is a real companion for your outings in the mountains, the sea or the forest. It is already a reference for GoPro enthusiasts, and may seduce others.

Thanks to GoPro for this test.

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