Info Trafic 974 : the new road companion of the Reunionese

Squirrel Mobile, a company based in Reunion Island and specializing in the development of mobile applications, has launched Info Trafic 974, a Péi application available on the PlayStore and the AppStore.



What is Info Trafic 974?

Info Trafic 974 is a mobile application available for Android and iOS, allowing you to be informed in real time about traffic conditions on Reunion Island.

The application comes in response to a major local problem: overloaded roads. To date, no tool adapted to mobile phones was available to the people of Reunion to help them plan their journeys.

It is now done! Info Trafic 974 will become your new favorite road companion. Wherever the user is, he will have access to traffic alerts on his smartphone via push notification.

What exactly does Info Trafic 974 offer?

Easy to use, the Info Trafic 974 application provides you with the following information:

  • Reunion Island traffic in real time. Thanks to the permanent update of information, you are warned of disruptions (accidents, traffic jams, demonstrations, roadworks, landslides…), which allows you to prepare your journeys in advance, according to the traffic. You can also access traffic alerts by enabling push notifications.
  • Real time access to the main webcams of the island (Sainte-Marie, Saint-Denis Jamaique, Gillot interchange, west entrance of Saint-Denis, Grande Chaloupe, La Possession, Saint-Paul, Bernica Viaduct, Trois Bassins, Saint-Leu, Pierrefonds, Azalees).
  • Listening to Freedom radio from the app. A tip: shake your phone to activate the listening!



Using Info Trafic 974, it’s the guarantee to have 100% reliable information ! Indeed, the data are provided by the Regional Directorate of Roads of the Reunion Region.

The application Info Trafic 974 is now available on the stores. Application links :

iOS: https: //

Android :

Presentation on the Squirrel mobile website: http: //

About Squirrel mobile

Squirrel mobile is a digital studio specialized in the design and development of mobile applications and in the creation of information systems. Founded in 2014 by Frédérick Istace in Paris, the studio then opened its doors in Reunion Island thanks to Thomas Lemaitre, a local figure in mobile development.



Squirrel mobile has established itself in its field by developing applications for well-known clients such as L’Oréal, La Roche-Posay, Volkswagen, Compte-Nickel, CIC Crédit Mutuel (Monético Resto), ENEDIS (EDF Group), La Fédération française de Tennis, Star Of Service, etc. Discover the company through this presentation: http: //

The studio plans to develop mobile fiber in Reunion Island by creating innovative applications, but also by supporting local project leaders.


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