IOT or the Internet of Things: a new technological revolution for Reunion Island

IOT Reunion

The World Wide Web is becoming increasingly “intelligent” and powerful, and is constantly evolving. The latest innovation to be presented in Reunion Island is the IOT, or Internet of Things. This Internet of Things was presented during the Orange Business Tour on the sister island.



On Thursday 20 September, the launch of IOT solutions took place on the island of La Réunion. Pierre Clément, Director of Companies France, Franck Rabourg, Director of the Reunion-Mayotte companies agency and Grégoire De Changy, Director of Internet of Things Marketing presented this new product. It was during the Orange Business Tour that the people of Reunion had the opportunity to discover this Web innovation.


The Internet of tomorrow is the Internet of Things

More intuitive, faster, ever more efficient and ergonomic, the Internet is constantly evolving and adapting to users. This immense Web where friends, family, colleagues and other interlocutors are connected on a daily basis anticipates the needs of Internet users. Thus, this Internet of Things becomes a space where objects come to life.


Optimize the user experience

Moreover, these same connected objects are attentive to the user experience. So they talk to each other, but especially to billions of Internet users. In other words, it is an extension of the Net to things and places in the physical world. This revolution, known as Web 3.0, is present in the fields of home automation and e-health, for example.


IOT Reunion

Photo credit: Imaz Press Réunion

IOT at the service of individuals

The IOT is therefore a network of networks that can directly identify digital entities and physical objects. Thus, it becomes possible to retrieve, store, transfer and process, without discontinuity between the physical and virtual worlds, the related data. At the service of individuals, societies and the planet, these objects aim to better accompany us.


Supporting the digital transformation of Réunionese companies

Orange Reunion’s corporate branch offers to support Reunion’s companies in their digital transformation. For this, end-to-end IoT solutions are offered. However, the IoT revolution will only happen if it is inclusive and useful. For this to happen, IOT technology must be accessible to everyone, regardless of lifestyle or household type.


A technology accessible to all

Moreover, it must be available at home or at work, in the city or in the country. It must be adapted to each project, each company, each community, each organization, whatever its functioning and objectives. In addition, Internet of Things technology must be smart. It must be achieved through secure, reliable networks that adjust to users’ needs, and through objects that are attentive to their environment.


A portfolio of networks dedicated to connected objects

In order to satisfy all IoT projects in the territory, Orange offers a tailor-made portfolio for Reunion Island:


  1. The launch of IoT offers on Orange’s mobile network in Reunion Island to provide management tools and test offers to Reunion Island companies.
  2. The launch of the LoRa® network in Saint Denis, which will be developed throughout the island according to the needs of companies and communities in Reunion.
  3. The arrival of LTE-M, in 2019, an evolution of 4G dedicated to connected objects in Reunion Island that allows for greater coverage, greater autonomy and a longer lifespan of connected objects.


Moreover, Pierre Clément, Director of Companies France, testifies that “Reunion is a territory of innovation par excellence”. According to him, it is a technophile and dynamic territory where it is possible to develop today’s connected uses and invent those of tomorrow.

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