Is beer the most searched product on Google in Mauritius?

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Since 2015, a map of the most searched products on the internet is regularly shared and occasionally resurfaces on blogs and other web media. A surprising result for Mauritius: contrary to what one might think, rum is not the most sought-after product, but…beer!



For the record, the cost calculator would have developed a map of the most searched products on Google in each country, using the automatic input formula “How much does X cost in [pays x] “.


Recherche google Afrique


While these results are far from an exact science (Google’s autocomplete results vary depending on the searcher’s history, time and location of the search), they do tell us something about how countries are perceived on the web.

In popular culture, certain countries are associated with specific products: beer in Germany, carpets in Turkey, electronics in Japan, but these items are not necessarily searched for on the internet.


Our test

So we decided to investigate, to see if this surprising information was still true, and here are the results.

Test as of March 2, 2017:

In English

Test Maurice

In French :

Test Maurice

Our conclusions

After performing these tests, we can conclude that beer seems to be of particular importance to Mauritius-based Internet users (or our co-founder Vincent’s computer… lol). Nevertheless, many questions remain unanswered: are English speakers more interested in beer than French speakers? Does this test really serve a purpose?

He had the merit of making us laugh

We invite you to test it on your own and share your results with us!


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