Krakathon 2018: Rubiks fights the Kraken and walks away with the treasure!


An epic Kratos Vs Kraken battle took place at Vivéa Business Park on October 20 and 21 for Krakathon 2018. This third hackathon attracted 114 participants in 20 teams. The big winner of this clash of the titans walked away with Rs80,000 and a ProLite LCD screen.



Krakathon 2018: a victory that came down to 250 points

These 24 hours of non-stop coding were once again a great moment of competition, but above all of fun and sharing. The 2018 hackathon ended with Team Rubiks winning like Kratos in the boss fight against the Kraken. In fact, this victory came down to 250 points. The Rubiks team scored 11185 points, compared to Wachawi’s 10935 points. To complete the podium, the Xtnsio team from Extension Interactive came3rd with 9510 points.


LSL Digital Wachawi

24 hours of non-stop coding

Same principle for this3rd edition: 24 hours, twenty teams and non-stop code. The competing teams had to solve as many technical challenges as possible in the shortest time! Each challenge allowed them to win points, in order to leave with the treasure… well the jackpot!

Krakathon 2018 : Rubiks combat le Kraken et repart avec le trésor !

What’s in it for me?

Remember, in 2016, in the very first edition, Team 42 posted 8,450 points and won the treasure worth RS 50,000. Last year, it was the Force Coders who walked away with the RS 60,000 loot. This year, the prize money increased again and Rubiks walked away with Rs 80,000 and a ProLite LCD screen sponsored by 1.0.1 Multimedia. In the second place, Wachawi won Rs 40,000 while Xtnsio won a cheque of Rs 20,000.



About fifteen sponsors for the 2018 Krakathon

In addition, this competition benefited from no less than 15 sponsors, including Event Store, Spoon Consulting, Accenture Technology, DSO Group,, LSL Digital,, Mauritius Telecom, NCB, Astek, Maureva, Esokia Agency, Club Mate, 1.0.1 Multimedia and the MCB And what would a competition be without goodies? 200 t-shirts with the effigy of Kratos were distributed to all those who were present.


The “bullshit” topics

In addition to facing the dreaded Kraken, the coders also had the opportunity to demonstrate their humorous side. Indeed, we were treated to a veritable anthology of subjects, each one funnier than the next. Among the “stupid topics”, there was “Excel is the best database in the world”, “WordPress, the firewall of the future” or “Testing is for the weak”. Also stood out: “A recurring bug is an intended feature” or “Convince your boss to hire an FTP manager”.


It’s happening here!

The Krakathon takes place every year at Vivéa Moka Business Park. An initiative of and the Turbine that counts every year no less than 100 participants and a lot…a lot of fun. Don’t miss the next edition!

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