Labo: a new game from Nintendo

Nintendo has been going through a rough patch lately. To come back on the market, the Japanese firm had the good idea to innovate thanks to a “new way to play” with LABO…



2018 seems to be starting off on the right foot for the Japanese brand! Nintendo innovates with its latest game, Labo. The famous console manufacturer announced on January 17 the release of its new line of games, Nintendo Labo. A great release that is scheduled to hit the market during the month of April.

Nintendo Labo describes itself as a cardboard construction game, but with a technological twist! How is this possible you may ask… We tell you everything!



Pixels and cardboard equivalent to Nintendo LABO

How can you combine cardboard with a game console? Hard to find the answer, isn’t it? The Japanese brand has succeeded in this curious combination to give birth to Nintendo Labo. The idea is not innovative, but it is the way to play it that intrigues! How does this game work?

The rule is very simple! You need a Nintendo Switch game system, pre-cut and foldable boards called Toy-Con, controllers to play mini-games and your creativity! Toy-con allows players to turn the Switch into a cardboard console. The assembly of Toy-cons also allows the player to build himself one of the central elements of the game like a fishing rod, a piano, or a backpack that turns into a robot. Of course everything is connected to the console where you can see everything. With such inventions, the player can easily indulge in the pleasures of fishing or demonstrate his piano skills by combining two pieces of cardboard and three pieces of string.



Any player with an ounce of creativity can turn the folding boards into any accessory and create their own game like a developer. The only difference is that the player doesn’t actually create, but offers new experiences.

Playful and creative, Labo is aimed at young people in particular. However, this does not prevent parents from getting involved from time to time with their children!

The Switch or Nintendo Labo, Nintendo’s lifeline

It must be said that the video game console market no longer believed in the Japanese brand’s comeback. Since 2015, Nintendo has been going through a bad period especially with the release of the Wii U in 2012, which did not convince many people. The only console of the brand that has been a real success is undoubtedly the Wii. Since its release in 2006, the Wii has sold over 100 million units.

A situation of the brand that has allowed its competitors to come back in force: Sony with its PlayStation 4 and Microsoft with its Xbox One, have both seduced since their release on the market.



With the Switch and especially the Nintendo Labo, the Japanese brand is determined to get back on track and come back strong.

Nintendo Labo is indeed a new way to discover the full range of gaming that the Switch, now referred to as a hybrid console, offers. One thing is for sure, it has everything to please!


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