Lugloc: travel with peace of mind with this smart tracker


It’s always surprising to see how quickly joy gives way to anxiety when a piece of luggage goes missing on the famous conveyor belt at the airport. While the other passengers have already left, you stand there anxiously, watching the few remaining bags, which are gently circling the luggage conveyor. Put an end to this haunting with LugLoc, the intelligent locator that will allow you to track your luggage.



In recent years, some companies have begun offering small tracking devices that use GSM cellular networks (not GPS) to alert travelers to the location of their luggage. Although these technologies are identical, the devices and services offered are significantly different. Take for example LugLoc, a smart, international lost luggage locator for iOS and Android.

LugLoc : eo end the fear of losing your luggage

Unlike other trackers that usually only use Bluetooth to locate luggage, LugLoc uses GSM-GPRS technology (cellular networks), which is more reliable and more accurate. The latter is associated with the Bluetooth system for better luggage tracking. It works like a GPS beacon and connects to a mobile app available on Android and IOS so you can locate your stuff. LugLoc is a practical accessory, whose small size will allow you to slip it easily into your suitcase.




Lugloc’s luggage tracking works through a service plan that is free for 30 days. This free service time is activated when you enter your location for the first time. After this free trial period, you could choose a service plan:

  • For one month it will cost you $4.99
  • For six months, it will cost $19.99
  • A one year subscription will cost $29.99

This service plan can be purchased on the mobile app available on IOS and Android or on the Lugloc website.

How does Lugloc work?

Lugloc is very easy to use. First of all, the user must download the Lugloc App on the IOS or Android device he is using. Then, the tracking of the luggage is done automatically once the service panel is activated. A service plan that can be purchased based on the frequency of your travel.

The application will then display its location on a map that locates your suitcase in real time. You will know in less than 90 seconds where your luggage is in any airport in the world. You will then be able to see the location of your luggage on the map while providing exact details of the airport perimeter where the lugloc is located.


LugLoc fits all sizes of suitcases, making it a convenient device. In addition, its rechargeable battery offers a 15-day autonomy. Ideal for frequent flyers who are worried about their luggage disappearing at the airport. Finally, LugLoc complies with the most stringent aviation regulations.

Whether you’re an airheaded traveller or just unlucky, there is now a solution to never lose your precious luggage again. LugLoc allows you to focus on the essential: enjoy your stay, relax or work with peace of mind…


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