Mauritius government portal gets 36 new e-services

“To improve the quality of services offered to citizens and to enable inter- and intra-governmental information exchange

This is the objective set by the Minister of ICT Yogida Sawmynaden in order to meet a demand from citizens, and to keep his promises on modernization and facilitation of access to information. With this in mind, the government has decided to strengthen its presence and support on the web by integrating 36 new online services on govmu.org. This decision, both ecological and economical, shows Mauritius’ commitment to developing e-government.

These new solutions were presented on July 13 at an event held at the Cyber Tower in Ebony. The Ministers of Education, Human Resources, Gender Equality, and ICT were present for the launch.



Easy online registration through e-services developed for all departments

Each ministry has had its services adapted into an e-service: Sport and Youth, Education, Gender Equality, Industry and Food Safety… 17 domains have had their supports adapted online.



At the level of the Ministry of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), it is now possible to take advantage of more than ten e-services. There is no longer a need to wait in line to sign up for the cyber caravan, an IC3 digital certification course, or the Mixrosoft Bizpark program (technology and startup incentive program). The Ministry of Education allows for registration for courses at the University of Mascarene or access to online guidance.

Consulting information or paying online is also possible

In addition to online registration via suitable forms, a lot of information on the various government services can be consulted online. For example, an online helpdesk has been developed by the Supreme Court to answer legal questions from citizens. It is also possible to access reports on the status of your files. This initiative aims to enable Mauritian citizens to interact with the government anywhere, anytime and in real time without having to travel.


Education Minister Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun


The online payment system has also been improved. It is now possible for Mauritians with a credit card to pay their fines, company incorporation documents or licence registration on the portal. All transactions are of course encrypted and secure.

Towards a 100% digital medium?

In all, more than 69 e-services are now available to all. This initiative is part of the government’s plan to develop access to ICTs, the third lever for growth in Mauritius. The aim now is to offer an increasingly fluid service. As for the next step in this digital transition, it could well be a mobile application that would allow the millennial generation to benefit from this transition.


ICT Minister Yogida Sawmynaden

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