Mauritiusarts.com: an online gallery to promote Mauritian art

Constantly evolving, art has always been an integral part of Mauritian culture, supported by a collection of galleries across the island. With Mauritiusarts.com, artists can finally enjoy a well-deserved exposure in Mauritius, and worldwide.



Today, the majority of Mauritian artists are looking for a place to sell and exhibit their work. It is to answer this question that Mauritiusarts.com was created. Aimed at all art lovers, this platform aims at highlighting Mauritian art as a whole, including painting, sculpture, handicrafts and literary works, in order to give them a better visibility in Mauritius and elsewhere.


Mauritiusarts.com: a gallery at the heart of creativity

Mauritiusarts.com is much more than a simple sales site. It is an online catalogue targeting potential local and foreign buyers. This site allows them to choose the work they like from a range of Mauritian cultural products and buy them online. Launched by Palmest Cuttaree, Director, Strategy and Development of the site, Mauritiusarts.com is also aimed at the Mauritian diaspora, which is present all over the world, and which is eager to offer itself or to offer works of art stemming from this culture that it has never left.


“My inspiration behind the creation of mauritiusarts.com is to raise awareness of Mauritian art and create a culture of art buying in Mauritius. Mauritiusarts.com popularizes our artists and gives a glimpse of their talents while offering them a potential market locally and internationally. The site ensures the Mauritiusarts brand of works on display are authentically Mauritian,” says Palmesh Cuttaree.


In collaboration with Web Digital Group Ltd, this platform was born out of the modest idea of creating something great for Mauritian artists. Palmesh Cuttaree’s passion for art and WDG’s know-how quickly gave birth to this unique platform, built to promote Mauritian artists from all walks of life, all over the world. Its objective is to stimulate Mauritian artistic work and to break the limits for a true democratisation of the arts in Mauritius.

“Offering a site to emerging artists and creative schoolchildren is a way to emulate them towards the arts and eventually through Mauritiusarts.com live off their talents,” adds the director of Mauritiusarts.com.



Admire and buy

This online sales gallery offers users a light and user-friendly navigation. Visitors can discover all kinds of works with the option to order and buy online. The site thus encourages all artists across the island, both amateurs and professionals, to sell their creations at a reasonable cost.

An online gallery in perpetual transformation

Fundraising actions to support charities will also be organized from time to time through a section entitled Auction Sales. An artist will put one of his or her works up for sale and companies, institutions and personalities will be invited to raise the bid. In addition, Mauritiusarts is managed by a team of seasoned professionals in the management of websites and social networks. Dynamic local, regional and international marketing will ensure maximum visibility for the works offered for sale.


Art Talk

With Artist of the Month or Artist Workshop, Mauritiusarts offers an online blog dedicated to Mauritian art in general. Art Talk is the perfect place for artists to comment and share their passions.



Mauritiusarts.com allows any artist to display his work. All their works are displayed in high definition, with a link for sharing through various social networks. Mauritiusarts is the first digital art gallery whose aim is to exhibit the widest possible range of Mauritian artists.

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