Meeting with Emmanuel Maujean

Emmanuel Maujean

Emmanuel, you are co-founder of Stagissimo. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Born in Mauritius, I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. I thus quickly acquired a sensitivity for the world of entrepreneurship.

This was felt at a very young age and some of my friends were paying the price; at the age of 12 I would sell them my clothes to buy new ones!

Then I spent my teenage years as a “PR” for the island’s trendy bars and nightclubs before moving to France and then Australia where I explored the professional world in all its diversity. Salesman at Xerox, door-to-door salesman in the Parisian suburbs, salesman at trade fairs, host on stands at Charles de Gaulle airport, dishwasher at Roland Garros, caterer, waiter, gardener, I need to touch to understand and I’m not afraid to get wet.

At 23, I set up my first company in Australia, Just In & Out, a concierge service for real estate agencies and after four years of activity, I returned to Mauritius to set up Stagissimo.

Today, I undertake projects with the hope of improving my environment and each of my projects must answer a “Why”.



In what areas have you operated during your career as an entrepreneur?

I question my environment on a daily basis, which allows me to identify opportunities in different fields of activity. Nevertheless, I remain more sensitive to the tourism, events and real estate professions.

I started with the event business, which allowed me to finance my holidays when I was still a student, then my departure for France and Australia.

In Australia, I developed a home services structure before positioning myself as a concierge for real estate agencies. Cleaning, gardening, landscaping, painting, electricity… we were a “one-stop-shop” for real estate agencies.

Today, I have set up with three other partners a platform that assists foreign students in their search for an internship in Mauritius and accompanies them during their stay in order to offer them an enriching experience.


As an entrepreneur in Mauritius, what do you want to bring to the country?

I wish to be part of the improvement of the Mauritian environment, to encourage social interaction and when I will have more experience, to accompany the younger ones in the launching of their projects.


You were able to experience and gain insight into working abroad. What did you learn from it?

During my years abroad, I learned a lot from the people I met. I have had the opportunity to be around great people who have made me grow and become better. In Mauritius, I also meet them regularly. Our country is full of talented people.

This made me realize that sharing is one of the engines of personal enrichment and economy. I understood that my essence was linked to a cause, to a desire to help, to improve my environment and that success does not only mean financial success. I also understood that every day we have to fight to become better.


Why did you choose to set up your business in Mauritius?

Mauritius is booming economically and many foreign investors come to settle there. It would have been a shame not to take advantage of it.


What is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

To be able to inspire and motivate my teams on a daily basis and achieve overall performance.


What are your best tips for an aspiring entrepreneur in Mauritius or elsewhere?

Many young Mauritians have ideas that could lead to the creation of a business, but they are often reluctant to talk about them for fear of being copied.

We have much more to gain by working together than by going our separate ways. Identify the REAL reason for your project and share it with others. You will certainly meet the right people to start your adventure with.

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