Meeting with Nicolas Dalais, co-founder of The Hive

Tell us about “The Hive”.

The Hive, a new office space and co-working desks, has opened in St-Pierre. It is aimed at people who do not have an office and professionals who are often on the move, hence the name The Hive – Your 3rd Desk. It is a project developed with my partner, Sofyan Zouioueche, an architect like me. We wanted to create a Third Desk that is primarily of interest to those who do not have offices, with reasonable packages and great flexibility. We believe that today, everyone should have a 3rd desk.



We have five fixed offices that are already occupied, a Lounge and a shared workspace where we welcome freelancers, startups, consultants and entrepreneurs. We also have two rooms for meetings and conferences.


The Hive


The Hive is set to become a network of workspaces across the island and a community of supportive entrepreneurs. We are launching St-Pierre and preparing our next location in Cap-Tamarin. We are also prospecting in the North.


What does your logo represent?

Our logo represents the honeycomb of a beehive, a direct link with the name of our work space. We want to create a dynamic and lively hive.


The Hive


What services does The Hive offer?

The Hive primarily offers workspaces that are rented according to different packages. We are also able to offer administrative support to entrepreneurs (telephone and mail reception, among others). Secondly, there is space for conferences and training courses.


How did you come up with this concept?

We were struck by the amount of time we wasted travelling every day. The stress this causes and the time wasted is appalling. We embarked on this adventure with the conviction that entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers, startuppers were missing a place that would allow them to be productive and at the same time get out of isolation… We want to be that 3rd office, not the stressful professional office, not the living room couch where you are constantly distracted. We want to be that third office, that 3rd Desk, where you can recharge your batteries, sit back and create synergies with other entrepreneurs and creators. Our philosophy is different: it’s not the walls that count but the community we want to create. The human dimension of the project is essential.



What attracts entrepreneurs to The Hive?

The entrepreneurs who come to us will above all find a supportive community of entrepreneurs and consultants ready to help each other. The Hive is set to become a national network of workspaces, a national community of entrepreneurs, creators, dreamers, all with a common ambition to shape the Mauritius of tomorrow.


What difficulties did you encounter before launching “The Hive”?

It took us a while to find the right location for our first hive. But St-Pierre is an ideal location, 10 minutes from Ebène, 5 minutes from the Terre-Rouge/Verdun highway.


The Hive


Co-working is a new concept that is revolutionizing the way we work, are Mauritians starting to adopt this new mode?

The concept appeals to those who are looking for a solution to start their business without spending a fortune on renting. The flexibility of coworking is an important element. On our side, we know that having an office, already allows the entrepreneur to structure himself, to receive his customers in a professional setting (instead of foodcourts or his living room!). This can make all the difference to an entrepreneur’s success. In addition, it is important for an entrepreneur who is starting out not to be isolated. Networking is one of the main benefits of co-working.

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