Reunion Island to participate in African Utility Week 2017!

African Utility Week

NEXA, in partnership with Business France, is in charge of the participation of the Reunionese territory in the African Utility Week 2017. This must-attend energy and water show will be held from 16 to 18 May 2017, in Cape Town, South Africa. The African Utility Week will be an opportunity for companies to present themselves as an essential link in the market and to develop their international potential.



Cape Town, a fast-growing market, is putting water and power generation in the spotlight for the 17th edition of this long-awaited Southern African trade fair. With over 6,000 visitors from all over the world, 1,200 conferences and 250 exhibitors, African Utility Week is the only international trade fair for African electricity and water professionals. The event offers a unique networking opportunity for engineers and stakeholders.


African Utility Week


For the 2nd consecutive year, companies from Reunion Island will be present at the France Pavilion. Knowing that South Africa is the leading supplier of electricity on the African continent, this event will also help to establish technical and commercial partnerships by taking advantage of opportunities to meet with ESKOM, the leading electricity production and distribution company in South Africa.


African Utility Week 2017: Nexa support offer

NEXA, the Regional Agency for Development, Investment and Innovation, is offering Reunionese companies the opportunity to exhibit at African Utility Week 2017 under the banner “INVEST IN REUNION”, in collaboration with Business France. The aim of this participation is to promote Reunion’s know-how in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development.



This will be an opportunity for Reunionese companies to meet the main economic players in Africa and to promote the meeting between Reunionese supply and international demand. Reunionese companies will then generate new export business opportunities. This offer under the banner INVEST IN REUNION is valid for a maximum of seven Réunionese companies operating in the sectors concerned.


The strengths of the South African market

African Utility Week has built an enviable position over the past 16 years as the hub of African utility access. South Africa is the leading supplier of electricity in Africa and accounts for 42% of the total electricity production on the African continent. The country has also devised a long-term energy plan to build more than 42,600 MW of new generation capacity by 2030, including 17,800 MW from renewable energy. While the national company ESKOM produces 95% of the country’s electricity, demand management has become a priority for both industrial and residential customers. Moreover, the next logical step is to evolve with the market to present the future of energy on the continent.



NEXA support offer

The NEXA support offer is valid for a minimum of three Réunionese companies operating in the sectors concerned, subject to eligibility for the ACCME measure (Collective actions to conquer foreign markets) and the Business France – Ministry of Overseas France agreement.

This offer includes:

  • Air transport – Departure on Monday 15 May 2017 / Return on Friday 19 May 2017 (1 person/company)
  • Accommodation (4 nights) (1 person/company)
  • Transfers on site (airport – hotel and hotel – lounge)
  • African Utility Week registration fee, access to the exhibition (1 person/company)
  • Space (option 1 or 2) on the INVEST IN REUNION collective stand in the France pavilion and associated services
  • Package ” Company sheet and territorial business cards ” in English
  • Canvassing mission in South Africa: program of targeted meetings-3

You will be offered two options:

  • Option 1: a workstation on the collective space, 1 558 € TTC 2 (Total estimated amount excluding NEXA support offer: 4 790 €)
  • Option 2: an individual stand of 9 m², 1 918 € including VAT 2 (Total estimated amount excluding NEXA support offer: 6 590 €)


African Utility Week


For more information, contact NEXA’s territorial marketing department.

Tel. Phone : 02 62 20 21 21 – Email :

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