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To stay in the patriotic spirit that animates the country this year and to celebrate our 50 years of independence, we suggest you discover
. This website gathers the musical treasures of the Indian Ocean…



The typical sega of Mauritius, the maloya of Reunion Island, the sega drum of Rodrigues Island and the moutia of the Seychelles… The musical culture of the Indian Ocean islands is rich. A wealth, which, gathered together, constitutes one of the most beautiful treasures of this part of the world. This wealth began to be built up a long time ago, and the new generation must know about it in order to preserve it in turn. Do you want to hear a real “lontan” sega? Are you tempted to dance to the frenzied rhythm of a maloya or a sega drum? We propose you a small stroll on the site Filoumoris.com, which will make you fall in the musical cauldron of the islands of the Indian Ocean during the 80s! Launched last December, the digital platform invites you to take an original journey to discover a good part of the musical heritage of the islands in this part of the world.

“Kit enn tras lor ou pasaz” – Bam Cuttayen!

Engaged songs, traditional music closely linked to the time of slavery, filoumoris. com will take you on a journey into the past. With 164 ARTISTS, 387 CDs or cassettes (NDLR: K7) and already 3724 TITLES listed, of which 1053 are new or missing, you will discover or rediscover our musical heritage.

Bringing back memories or discovering songs steeped in history… we owe it all to a Belgian sound engineer, Philippe de Magnée, nicknamed… Filou. The latter has a rich career in the musical field, especially for having worked with artists from the Indian Ocean, “Zenfan Ti Riviere”, “Bam Cuttayen”, “Grup Latanier”, “Ram and Nitish Joganah”, “Zul Ramiah”, “ABAIM”, “Fanfan”, “Marclaine Antoine”, “Nelzir Ventre”, “Michel Legris” and “Charlesia Alexis” in Mauritius, but also in Reunion with “Ziskakan” and “Baster”. He has also recorded for the “Takamba” label of the “Pôle régional des Musiques actuelles” in Reunion Island, as well as the albums of “La Famille Gado” and “Ton Pat'” in the Seychelles.


Filoumoris.com : ravivez vos souvenirs en musique !

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Fans of all kinds of music or songs will be delighted to discover a collection of a thousand titles available for streaming, in full (with the agreement of the artists and rights holders) or in 20-second extracts.

Filoumoris explains this sharing aspect:

“This site aims to safeguard the recorded musical heritage of the Indian Ocean. It makes available for listening, for everyone, music and songs “unreleased” or “disappeared from commercial circuits” of artists from the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Reunion Island, Rodrigues Island, Chagos Archipelago, Seychelles Islands and Comoros Archipelago).

It is mainly traditional music linked to slavery (Séga Tipik, Maloya, Moutia, séga tambour and Romances), “engaged” songs (the Mauritian years of embers). The site is also open to fusion music, to crossbred music.”

Musical heritage of a whole people of the ocean!

Unable to pass up the opportunity to discover the songs that our grandparents probably danced to, the Ict.io Redac embarked on a musical “trip”. From Mauritius to the Chagos archipelagos with a detour to Reunion Island, the entire Indian Ocean has been covered. We were able to listen to unreleased albums of “Ti frere” and live performances of artists such as Ernest Wiehe. A dive into the 80’s in which we let ourselves be carried away by singing “Gaby Gaby ti ale rode lavi” by Bam Cuttayen, not to mention the maloya of the group Ziskakan! Besides, how can you not be taken in by the good music coming directly from the Sister Island?


Filoumoris.com : ravivez vos souvenirs en musique !


A small detour is necessary in the Seychelles with the songs of Joenise Juliette (whom we have just discovered) and those of Ton Pat’. To finish our trip, we “went” to Rodrigues Island for a drumming sega.

This digital platform brings to life a forgotten or unpublished heritage. The elders and their music will remain alive forever, traveling through time thanks to Filoumoris.com. We must never forget our roots, let alone the heritage of our elders.


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