Nouloutou: the startup that makes you earn money with a parking lot!

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Nouloutou, a rental website from Reunion Island, is launching the first car park close to Roland Garros airport and…that makes you earn money! Discover this brand new concept that will certainly make people happy!



Parking your car at the airport while traveling can be a real luxury! With high fares and security not always guaranteed, some people end up choosing taxis to get to or from the airport. As every problem has a solution, here is what Nouloutou proposes.

The Reunionese site of renting between individuals has indeed opened a car park near the Roland Garros airport, in the Welcome village. Users have 300 spaces at their disposal for €5 per day, a price 85% lower than those charged by other professionals. Another option offered by Nouloutou is free parking for people who agree to have their vehicle rented during their trip outside the department. This formula allows you to earn up to 600 euros per month for a model like the Clio. The Nouloutou-style parking lot will certainly make people happy!




In addition, Nouloutou gives users peace of mind by offering guaranteed security.

“For the duration of the rental period, the vehicles are insured against all risks by MAIF, our insurance partner, a national brand with a proven track record. The rental is therefore carried out in complete confidence and safety” reassures Badis Aggoune. “The vehicle is returned with the correct level of fuel at the start and clean, of course. For a year now, our various rental members can attest to our seriousness on these points. Users of the car park can also have their vehicle washed, put under a protective cover or even collect it with a full tank of fuel.

What is Nouloutou?

Created at the end of 2016, the Nouloutou platform is a site that allows individuals and professionals to rent, rent and/or put up for rent the most varied objects: accommodation, vehicles, leisure equipment, DIY, gardening… With Nouloutou, Reunion Island enters a little more into the era of the collaborative economy: renting rather than buying, using rather than owning, sharing rather than hoarding… One year after the launch of the platform by Badis Aggoune and IdirOukaci, Nouloutou has 4500 members to whom more than 150,000 euros will have been paid out by the end of the year. This is a great performance for the young startup, which has been growing by 30% every month for the last 6 months and is doing between 7 and 12 rentals per day.




And the success of the new car park allows the company to prosper further. Indeed, Nouloutou is targeting 100 vehicles in paid parking per day by the end of 2018 and 10 vehicles in free rented parking per day. If the target is met, in 2018, that would then be more than 500,000 euros that would be returned to the owners.

This new offer has been available since November 27 and reservations can be made online at The car park, located less than 5 minutes from the airport, will be open 7 days a week, from 7am to 9pm. A free shuttle will bring and pick up travellers at the airport. In the event of flight delays, the shuttle will, of course, wait for the customers concerned. As for security, after 9pm, the car park is equipped with 5 surveillance cameras, 5 motion detectors and an anti-intrusion alarm. What to leave in all serenity!


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