Orange Fab: a start-up accelerator in Madagascar

Orange Fab: a start-up accelerator in Madagascar

Madagascar’s digital transformation moves into high gear with the launch of Orange Fab. It is the first business accelerator dedicated to start-ups. Through this project, Orange hopes to help innovative companies emerge that will bring progress to the Big Island. Orange Fab Madagascar launched its first call for projects on 14 January 2019; it is open until 15 February 2019.



Orange Fab: a support program for start-ups

Aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs grow quickly, both in Madagascar and internationally, Orange Fab has a whole program. Thus, Orange Fab aims to provide support to young companies looking for assistance. This platform brings together the latest technologies, private and corporate customers as well as potential investors. Moreover, it surrounds itself with the best experts. The latter will be at the service of the start-ups concerned.


Digital is a source of progress for Madagascar

According to the telecom company, “in Madagascar, digital technology is a source of progress and can facilitate the daily life of the population”. Indeed, the firm is convinced that the country is full of young nuggets and dynamic entrepreneurship. The idea is to mobilize the best of Orange to help the best innovations reach the maximum number of people. This is at least what Michel Degland, General Manager of Orange Madagascar, explains.


A 6-month acceleration program

In concrete terms, what will the Orange Fab program consist of? First of all, you should know that it will last six months. Business leaders, experts, coaches and investors will mentor the leaders of the selected start-ups. In addition, workshops, training and various events are also planned for these start-ups. The objective is to help them boost their business. At the end of this acceleration program, the product offered must be as successful as possible. It must also have a proven strategy and business model. Finally, the whole thing must be supported by a team whose skills will have been strengthened during this programme.


Orange Fab: a dedicated space for better working conditions

The start-ups concerned will have the opportunity to evolve in a place equipped with meeting rooms, an open space, a convivial area and quality internet connectivity. This space should also allow them to work together in good conditions, as close as possible to the Orange ecosystem. In addition, the young entrepreneurs will also be able to receive their partners and customers in good conditions.


How to benefit from this program?

Orange Madagascar has launched an invitation to Malagasy start-ups. The firm invites them to participate in the first season of Orange Fab to develop their business in the market, in partnership with Orange. Thus, the start-ups eligible for this first season must propose solutions or products respecting one of the three main themes imposed.


Three main themes

  1. Facilitation of financial and commercial transactions, financial inclusion for all. To offer a solution that facilitates access to the general public to payment, money transfer, credit or savings services. To offer an innovative service facilitating commercial exchanges between companies and individuals or between companies.


  1. Improving the quality of daily life, both in cities and in rural areas. A product or service that is committed to improving the quality of life by optimizing infrastructure, mobility services, securing goods and people, a renewable energy solution or access to essential services (water, sanitation, electricity, waste).


  1. New access to education, training and inclusion. To propose new solutions to facilitate access to education, training, professional integration or culture.


Supporting Malagasy entrepreneurship

Orange Madagascar supports Malagasy entrepreneurship through its Orange Fab. Michel Degland also adds that “for those with the potential to expand internationally, Orange will be able to support them thanks to the international network of Orange Fab in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.



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