Rejig: the backpack that charges your smartphone!

Rejig: the backpack that charges your smartphone!

Innovative objects follow one another, but they are not the same! Rejig, the latest, is a backpack equipped with solar panels and a USB plug, designed to recharge smartphones. An innovation signed by two students who have shown great ingenuity…



We’ve all experienced it at least once: that pesky phone that drops us when we need it most! Whether you’re on a business trip, out with friends or travelling, running out of battery power is particularly annoying. Lucky is the person who has never experienced it! To avoid such a situation, Sos Innovation comes to the rescue …

Far from the very sophisticated and sometimes expensive tools, here is a backpack capable of charging smartphones. We owe this brilliant innovation to Jonas Perrin, a student at the Toulouse Business School, and Jean Mauchoffé, a student at a business school in Nancy. These two students, but first and foremost friends, set out to create a backpack capable of charging smartphones. It is equipped with a small solar panel connected to a battery to recharge smartphones and tablets.


Rejig : le sac à dos qui recharge votre smartphone !


Rejig was born after a trip!

Where did the idea of creating such a bag come from? Like all of us, the two friends have experienced cell phone battery failure. Indeed, Jonas ran out of battery power on a trip to Tasmania in July 2017. While he wanted to take a picture of a beautiful sunset, he was very disappointed to see his cell phone flat. That’s where the idea of “creating an urban, designer backpack with a small solar panel to charge your phone, tablet or even your computer, anything that can be connected to a USB port in the end,” Jonas pointed out.

On his return, Jonas shares his idea with his friend Jean, who is seduced. The two friends decide to order a solar kit on the internet to apply their idea on an old backpack: the prototype proves conclusive. The duo then worked on the design of a more elaborate model, giving birth to the Rejig company last December.

The prototype is amazing! The final product measures 46 centimetres in height and 34 centimetres in width, housing its integrated solar panel which measures 27.5 centimetres in height and 9 centimetres in width. This is the element that will collect the energy necessary to supply the battery, also present in the bag. This was achieved by using SMT (Surface-Mount Technology), a manufacturing technique that allows solar panels to produce more electricity with the same surface area.



Operation crowdfuning activated!

Like any entrepreneur, even a beginner, the question you have to ask yourself is: where do you find the money to start your business?

Now that their innovation seems to be working, the two young entrepreneurs want to venture into the market and find out if there is a consumer demand for their product. For this to happen, funding is obviously needed. With this in mind, Jonas Perrin and Jean Mauchoffé launched a crowdfunding campaign on the KissKissBankBank platform on Monday 14 May with the aim of raising 16,000 euros. If the necessary funding is obtained, they will launch online pre-orders for delivery in October!

This innovation is to be welcomed, especially since it will undoubtedly attract a large number of customers.

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