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Story Enjoy

The first goal of £20,000, set by Story Enjoy, has been reached, this success is dedicated to you! In total, 21,078 € were collected, which is 105% of the expected amount. Successfully funded on Friday, December 16, 2016, Story Enjoy can now continue this beautiful and ambitious story.



To develop the application, a lot of work still needs to be done: gathering a community of authors and illustrators, integrating each story, engaging in communication actions, creating a community, organizing user tests during the development, in order to be as close as possible to your expectations. All these steps require a total amount of 300 000 €.

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Their stories…

The idea of this beautiful and ambitious web application was born in the head of Caroline Lopez after the birth of her son. When she moved to Reunion Island, she felt a great sadness at the thought that the grandparents would not be able to see their grandsons grow up.


Story Enjoy


Even more characters

Started alone at the beginning, the adventure now includes Nicolas, developer, Maxime, UI-UX designer, Annabelle, art director and Manuel, finance partner.


Not just a simple story

More than a simple application, Story Enjoy allows you to share and experience a moment of pure happiness with the person of your choice, something that was previously impossible. It contributes to the :

Societal: by filling the moments of solitude of people living in retirement homes and at the same time bringing comfort to orphans.

Health: by fighting isolation and depression that often occurs in our seniors, preventing them from feeling alone and useless.

Cultural: through stories, Story Enjoy helps to create and transmit a cultural and family heritage.

Education of children: Story Enjoy helps promote caring, self-confidence, self-reliance, the power of giving and sharing as well as gratitude through their editorial line.

Economic and ethical: through this platform, Story Enjoy hopes to help more people become real writers, by publishing their book following their online success.

Public benefit: Finally, Story Enjoy simply wants to share love and joy, so that everyone feels better.

Winner of the Startupweekend

This is not Story Enjoy’s first victory. Thus, the application had been designated the winner of the first edition of the Startupweekend in Saint-Pierre. In all, 14 teams competed, with a total of 52 pitches presented to the jury members. This year has been another successful year for Story Enjoy, who came out on top in the second edition of Innovation Overseas, after winning the Start Award.


Story Enjoy


For those who love this story, it’s just beginning, and in the words of the Story Enjoy website: “this story is written with you, the sandman will do the rest”.

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