Talenteum in the top 100 African startups

Talenteum: voted in the top 100 startups to invest in Africa in 2019

MyAfricanStartup.com has published its annual list of 100 innovative African start-ups to invest in and Talenteum is one of them. This initiative aims to increase the visibility of startups with high potential among African and international investors.



Who is Talenteum Africa?

Talenteum is a community of Africa’s top talent in various fields including AI, Web Expert, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Accountant, among others. The company offers remote candidates to European companies at cost price working from their country of origin. In addition, Talenteum offers training specific to the needs of its community. It acts as a trusted third party and ensures the legal obligations (accounting, social, tax…).


The search for young talents, facilitated by Talenteum

In concrete terms, companies looking for talent go to the Talenteum website and select the criteria of the profile they wish to hire. Talenteum then provides them with a list of candidates matching the profile in question. Potential candidates are shortlisted and Talenteum organizes interviews, which are done by videoconference. The recruiter then chooses the candidate to hire. Then, Talenteum takes care of all the administrative steps to finalize the recruitment.


A revolutionary operating mode in the field of recruitment

It is thus in the annual list of MyAfricanStartup.com that we find Talenteum among the 100 innovative African start-ups to invest in. The online recruitment agency has made a name for itself with its modus operandi. Indeed, Talenteum revolutionizes recruitment by maximizing the opportunities offered by telecommuting and new information and communication technologies. This allows companies to recruit the best talent without having to mobilize their own human resources.


A double winning formula

This method used by Talenteum not only saves costs, but also increases productivity. Indeed, the people normally mobilized for recruitment can concentrate on other income-generating activities for the company. And as far as candidates are concerned, they benefit from an opportunity to apply to a larger market. In addition, they benefit from training courses administered by Talenteum’s teams to improve their profile.


Growing attractiveness of the Tech sector in Africa

The Tech sector in Africa is gaining more and more ground. The proof is in the startup Jumia’ s IPO on April 13. This demonstrates a real progress of the digital ecosystem in the African region. In fact, according to a report by venture capital fund Partech Africa, foreign investment in African startups doubled in 2018. As a result, they reached $1.16 billion in investment (+102% compared to 2017).


Principle of the offer

New information and telecommunications technologies combined with the growth of service sector jobs have revolutionised the world of work. Indeed, they have contributed to the rise of telecommuting. In an increasingly tough job market, where young talents are lost, Talenteum saw the opportunity to provide an innovative solution. À In Mauritius and in the African zone in general, many profiles are emerging from the shadows and are being offered to European companies. Thus, for the same work, the salary corresponds to that of the candidate’s country of origin, a significant cost saving on labour for the recruiter. On the other hand, thousands of candidates manage to find a job in several fields, including computer science, accounting, medical, administrative, etc.

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