The Anzisha Prize finalist

Nomena Andrianantoandro finalist for the Anzisha Prize

The young Malagasy Nomena Andrianantoandro is among the 20 finalists of the Anzisha Prize competition for young African entrepreneurs with her startup Boissa. The 21-year-old started producing hand-pressed juice, which she first presented at the Global Startup Weekend Women Antananarivo in February.



“Go for it, work hard, learn, the adventure is worth it”

She is just 21 years old, but she has a very clear idea about her future. This young entrepreneur, finalist of the Anzisha Prize competition, has a message to pass on and it is ” go for it, work, learn, the adventure is worth it “. This competition, which aims to reward young African start-ups, should serve as a springboard to gain visibility. Indeed, out of some 800 participants, she managed to make it to the final.


Entrepreneurship according to Nomena Andrianantoandro

Nomena Andrianantoandro is a student of business management. This health and wellness enthusiast started producing hand-squeezed juice. She began by presenting her project at the Global Startup Weekend Women Antananarivo in February. This young entrepreneur at heart succeeded in seducing the jury unanimously during this event. It now plans to invest in a semi-automatic process to enable its products to evolve in the local and continental market.


Boissa products sold in restaurants and gyms

Since her start-up won over the Global Startup Weekend Women Antananarivo, the Boissa brand has made a real breakthrough on the local market. Indeed, its drinks are marketed in restaurants and sports halls. The brand offers four products made from rice milk, with no added sugar, no colouring and no preservatives. These are Boissa Detox, Boissa Boost, Boissa Refresh and Boissa Stileex. Moreover, the young woman believes that it is “a pity that the market is flooded with imported drinks when the country is full of fruits and vegetables .


Little bottles full of goodness

Each small 30 cl drink has its own identity. Indeed, among the different variations of Boissa drinks, a color and a specific font is attributed to each one. For example, Boost is red, Refresh is yellow, Detox is of course green and Stileex is orange. From carrots and pineapple to ginger and cucumber, the drinks are packed with goodness for 100% wellness. It’s also a good way to get your five fruits and vegetables a day.


A few words about the Anzisha Prize

It is Africa’s most prestigious award for young entrepreneurs aged 15 to 22. Those whose startup offers innovative solutions to social challenges win the prize. The Anzisha Prize offers the first 12 winners a one-week trip to South Africa (all paid for). This allows them to participate in a workshop and a conference on entrepreneurship. The latter takes place in Johannesburg and more precisely at the African Leadership Academy. In addition, the winners selected from the finalists share a $100,000 prize.


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