The Ground Coworking Space, the new trendy place to work in Mauritius

On Wednesday 15 March 2017, the launch party of The Ground, a new Coworking space in Mauritius was held. While lately coworking spaces seem to be flourishing on the island, we were curious to compare their offer to those of the already established competitors.



Modern and urban premises

Located in Cassis, this new workspace will delight by its geographical location on the outskirts of Port-Louis. With a space of 1,000 m², the site does not lack space and you can feel it, you feel good! The layout of the premises cleverly combines modernity and comfort. A container, installed in the middle of the room, even serves as a meeting room. Frescoes decorate the interior and exterior walls, it is very successful. It was in a very urban atmosphere that the inauguration took place.



The Ground offers more than 100 offices, and like most of its competitors has a training room, meeting rooms, private offices and a hangar for events.

By moving into The Ground, occupants also benefit from a range of integrated services, including 24/7 access to the premises, high-speed wifi, parking, and a receptionist. Lockers, printers, and professional boxes are however optional.



The Ground, a project supported by the IBL Group

IBL Together Group has made a big investment in such a project, stepping out of its comfort zone. Indeed, the group usually invests in food processing and construction / engineering.

Arnaud Lagesse, CEO of IBL, gave the opening speech. He made a point of emphasizing the importance of this new kind of space in the world of work.

“This approach allows independent professionals or small businesses, on the one hand, to have a professional address at an affordable price, and on the other, to give them the opportunity to collaborate, share resources and ideas, form partnerships and teams that would otherwise not exist. IBL has reorganized its building to accommodate a new and growing workforce of people who work where, when, and how they want.


Coworking spaces, the future?

Coworking is a modern concept that decentralizes and diversifies the way of working in a shared space, but that also advocates exchanges and openness.



For Muriel Yvon, Office & Community Manager of The Ground Coworking Space, it’s “no longer the isolation of working from home, here tenants meet people who will change the way they work.”

“The Ground is not just an office, but a vibrant community. Coworking is a shared experience, and the events that take place regularly allow all members to really connect,” added Muriel to emphasize the emerging community of The Ground.


An offer that stands out from the competition in Mauritius

The Ground innovates, and offers a flat rate subscription, which is not the case with other coworking spaces in Mauritius. The Ground goes one step further and offers its occupants daily rentals, allowing them to get their bearings. Nevertheless, it is possible to opt for a monthly rental or more, if affinity.

Brice Harel, Executive Director of The Ground, explained this choice:

“Society is migrating towards an economy that favours use over ownership. The new generations prefer the freedom of “no commitment”, “asset light” models, which allow great flexibility and minimize risks in case of failure. The Ground’s offer is in line with this. Our members will be able to benefit from a quality working environment, without constraints, adaptable to their individual agendas.”

Another advantage worth mentioning is that The Ground has its own on-site cafeteria.



On the price side, The Ground is in line with market prices

Three packages are available:

  • Day Pass: Rs 500 per day.
  • Nomad Pass: Rs 5,000 per month / 10 working days
  • Resident Pass : Rs 8 000 per month

Private office rental :

  • Two private offices of 21 sqm: Rs 15,000 per month.
  • A private office of 10 m² : Rs 10 000 per month.

Rental of a training room :

  • Training Room: rental Rs 1,000 per hour.


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