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Resources that emphasize self-learning for African entrepreneurs and investors are now available online and for everyone. A VC4A or Venture Capital For Africa initiative.




Three modules to learn about and advance inentrepreneurship

How to become an entrepreneur, boost your business or invest your money efficiently? These are all questions that we certainly ask ourselves on a daily basis when we set up a company. These are the questions VC4A Startup Academy wants to answer by creating its online program. Indeed, the VC4A Startup Academy MOOC brings together educational resources but also more than 35 experts specialized in the emerging ecosystem of African startups.

The program consists of three course modules divided into “Starting your business”, “Building your business” and “Financing your business”. The first module deals with all the issues involved in setting up a business. The second deals with the growth of the latter. And finally the third one allows you to learn the different concepts of financing and especially how to raise capital.



A complete platform for current and future entrepreneurs

Available free of charge, the platform is a space for learning but also for sharing knowledge. To access it, a simple registration on VC4A Startup Academy is enough. At the end of each module, a certificate is issued after a knowledge test. In addition, graduates can have privileged access to the VC4A Mentorship Marketplace. They can also select entrepreneurial opportunities and fundraising tools.

The learning material uses all the traditional e-learning media. Theoretical sections are adapted to the African context. Entrepreneurs, investors and other business professionals also share their tips and practices through videos. And of course, all sorts of useful templates and documents are available for download. The modules are available in English, French, Arabic and Somali to reach as many Africans as possible.



Self-learning in the spotlight

The real feature of this platform of initiation and learning to entrepreneurship is its aspect of self-learning tool. The user just needs to be guided through each step of the course, from anywhere in the world, as long as he has a computer and a good internet connection.

While self-learning is certainly emphasized, this does not mean that the learner is left to his own devices. Thanks to the platform, it has access to a pan-African network of partners. VC4A is currently working on integrating the curriculum into incubator and accelerator programs across Africa.

In addition, having the help of professionals and experts of all kinds is an unparalleled opportunity. As Ben White, founder of VC4A, reminds us,

“Industry insiders impart the wisdom they have accumulated over their careers, and address topics such as business development, start-up investing and venture capital. Through this Academy, we intend to unlock this knowledge and make it more accessible to the continent’s next generation of entrepreneurs.”


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