Vera, the robot that makes you pass your job interview!

Vera, the robot that makes you pass your job interview!

Technological advances never cease to amaze us! After our
about Altergo, the headset that reads your mind, we talk to you today about Vera… Vera is a robot born of artificial intelligence that handles recruitment for multinationals like Pepsi.



We are in an era where technology is omnipresent. Young and old, we are all turned on to technological tools. All societies are redefining themselves according to digital advances and the world’s major companies are not left behind!

The hiring process in a company can sometimes be long and tedious for the human resources department. How to find the ideal profile for the position? How do you sort through all the applications? How can the reliability of the information given by the applicants be verified? A real headache for recruiters! With Vera, that time is almost over.


Vera, le robot qui vous fait passer votre entretien d’embauche !

Who is Vera?

Vera was born of artificial intelligence and could be your next recruiter. This robot, from Russia, is the “baby” of Alexandre Uraksin and Vladimir Sveshnikov, creators of the Stafory start-up in Saint Petersburg. Vera’s mission is to select the best candidate profiles for the position to be filled.

How does the selection work? Vera’s task is more or less identical to that of a human recruiter, except that she proceeds with technological tools.

Vera identifies candidates from five job sites and then shortlists 10% of the profiles that seem the most promising and compatible with the position sought. Once this is done, Vera contacts the best profile and proposes an interview by Skype or by phone. That’s right, Vera is able to chat with candidates using voice recognition systems from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Yandex. Her programmers fed her 13 billion examples of syntax, TV speeches, Wikipedia pages, allowing her to conduct interviews as humanly possible.


Vera, le robot qui vous fait passer votre entretien d’embauche !


Multinationals happy with Vera!

As you can see, Vera takes care of your company’s recruitment process. A process that is no different from the one done by a human being with questions similar to those that would be asked by a recruiter in the flesh: motivations, experiences, diplomas… It can also detect the candidate’s emotions, enthusiasm or disappointment. Vera does not aim to recruit all profiles, from technicians to general managers. It specializes rather on the profiles of employees, waiters and construction workers. In other words, positions for which turnover is high and therefore represents a large budget for companies.

According to the creators of Vera, a robot that lives at the pace of artificial intelligence is “the best alternative to actively searching for employees.” They claim that Vera can reduce not only the search time, but also the cost of recruiting for the company.


A project that seems to please a lot

In fact, the company, which founded Vera in 2016, says it has now reached $1 million in sales.

With several pilot projects in Europe, in just five months, the start-up has already convinced 300 companies, according to the Bloomberg media. L’Oréal, Ikea, Auchan, Castorama and Pepsi have integrated the robot into their recruitment process. But beware, the two creators warn, “the final hiring decisions are reserved for humans,” they insist.

Technology, specifically artificial intelligence, is redefining the entire working and even personal sphere of global society. Our world continues to evolve as technology advances… so who will live… Vera!

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