Virtual reality and medicine

Virtual Reality and Medicine: How VR is revolutionizing care and therapy

Virtual and augmented reality does not stop at games and entertainment. It is now present in several fields, including education, architecture, engineering, commerce, and even medicine.



“Virtual Reality and Medicine: How Virtual Reality is revolutionizing care and therapy ? “. This was the theme of the 8th edition of the OSS, organised by the Mauritius Institute of Health with the support of of the Campus numérique francophone de Réduit of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie(AUF). Exploring the vast possibilities of this technology allows it to be integrated into the health field. Care, therapies, diagnosis, treatment, surgery but also training of doctors and health personnel were covered during this seminar.


Revolutionizing healthcare and therapy with VR

The Open Source Seminar on October 5th brought together professionals, academics and researchers, computer scientists and self-taught people with a common goal. Indeed, these speakers addressed different problems related to the field of medicine and solutions using Virtual Reality. This technology, which is finding its place in the health field, is revolutionizing care and therapy.


More than 70 participants at the seminar

Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life , the Ministry of ICT, academics, professionals, doctors and health personnel were among the many participants in the seminar. On the program, 4 interventions :

  • ” Pain, Stress, Phobias, and Addiction – Virtual Reality for Patients in Hospitals ” by Mr. Ravi Anand Ragnuth, Medical Officer of Health ;
  • AVR Plato (example of an interactive application in medical education by Mr. Shameer Ramdhin of AVR Plato Technology ;
  • Demystifying the Virtual Reality (VR) for Health Education in Mauritius” by Mr. François Mark, CEO of Interactive Graphics Studios (IGFX) and ;
  • ” Virtual Reality and Medicine: how VR is revolutionizing care and therapies? ” by Mr. Fabien Benetou, Mozilla TechSpeaker and keynote speaker of the seminar.


Virtual reality in therapy, how does it work ?

Augmented reality is both much easier to discover but limited since it incorporates virtual elements in our real environment. But what about its integration in therapy ? RV is a revolutionary technology because it is a gentle method with no side effects. For example, it allows the patient ” to forget the pain ” because the virtual reality headset allows a total immersion. A series of tests were carried out on patients suffering from chronic pain. The latter testified that they felt significantly less pain during and after a virtual reality experience.

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