Yugo competes with Uber

Yugo: when Mauritian start-ups compete with Uber

While Uber is creating a stir even before its arrival in Mauritius, we seem to forget that this business model already exists. Indeed, Yugo App, launched by a start-up with the aim of democratizing access to taxis, already has some kilometers of downloads on its counter.  



Yugo is doing his own thing as the pro v/s anti Uber fight continues. We hear more and more about this 100% Mauritian application. Based on the same principle as Uber, this start-up is slowly but surely making a place for itself in the transportation market. Available for free on Google Play and the App Store, there are two versions : Yugo and Yugo Partner (Driver app).


Uber inspires Mauritian start-ups

Democratizing access to taxis, or simply finding one as quickly as possible, that’s what Uber…or Yugo…or MyChauffeur App and other is all about. Indeed, it seems that even before being operational on Mauritian soil, Uber has inspired many local start-ups. Some of them are starting to be more famous than others, but the Yugo application seems to be well on its way to staying !


A taxi in 30 seconds

With the tightening of laws regarding drinking and driving, Yugo App seems to come at the right time. While waiting for Uber (will come, will not come ?), this start-up offers the same service, that is to say the possibility of calling a taxi without having to move. A little bonus: drivers have 30 seconds to accept or refuse the reservation. Calculated from a basic fare of Rs150, the amount varies depending on the journey. Thus, it is possible to book a taxi beforehand by simply inserting your route. In terms of security, drivers must be registered and provide all their details on the Driver app (Yugo Partner). However, drivers have the option of accepting or refusing a reservation.


Yugo App

Where do Yugo?…

As far as reservations are concerned, the system is simplistic. Just choose the type (Taxi Bookings or Airport Transfers) and enter your route. If rental is enabled on the phone, the app will automatically detect the starting point. Then simply enter the destination and choose Book Now or Book Later. On the other hand, it seems for the moment that these mobile applications based on Uber’s business model are not taking off. The reason is that taxi drivers stick to their regular customers, around bus stations and hotels.


And in figures, what does  give?

On all Yugo App bookings, the company retains 15% commission. This is a way for the start-up to amortize its costs. For comparison, Uber charges 20-25% commission. However, there is no fee to become a partner. However, the service must already be activated, which is not yet the case in Mauritius. Moreover, limited by the base of operations and the taxi license, Uber is struggling to establish itself on Mauritian soil. This is no doubt not to the displeasure of its local competitors.

Image credit : Yugo Mauritius

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