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We talked about it in the article Rent a car between individuals in Reunion Island, Zotcar is the first independent platform of car rental between individuals in Reunion Island. During her trip to Reunion Island, our editor-in-chief Eléonore wanted to test the collaborative platform. A look back at a win-win experience.



Why did you choose Zotcar?

Saint Pierre, Saint Denis, Saline les Bains … The list of places we wanted to see during our express trip to Reunion Island was long. The first question that crossed our minds before our departure was logically about transportation.

By visiting the traditional rental websites, we quickly realize that the costs for an 8-day rental can reach (very) high prices. Illustration in image :



So we turn to Zotcar. The car rental system between private individuals. It is a win-win system. The renter helps the owner to make the car profitable and the owner allows the renter to have access to a vehicle with better prices than the agencies. It is therefore an economically interesting system for both parties that allows greater flexibility and choice for the tenant. I like the idea of giving priority to people and to the collaborative economy, so we are taking the plunge.

Reserve your car


Location La Réunion


After choosing our car, we enter our dates. Nice! The C3 we want to rent is available. There are three options: unlimited mileage (€5 per day), deductible buyback (€5 per day), and airport drop-off and pick-up (€40). We opt for the last option which we think is very practical. So we contact Thomas who answers us very quickly. The reservation is made !



The rental

We arrive at the airport, Thomas is waiting for us with the car. We are a bit surprised that he doesn’t “drop it off” as was foreseen in the 40 € we took as an option. Indeed, our renter drops us off at his place with the car before leaving us the keys. The service is however impeccable: the car is clean and the fuel is done.


Once we arrive at Thomas’ house, we take a look at the car with him, check the mileage, and sign the contract. We appreciate the human aspect of car rental between individuals! Thomas tells me that I am the only one who can drive the car. Indeed, another key element of Zotcar is the comprehensive insurance of the driver by MAIF. Once the report is signed, our renter gives us the keys. Here we go for a week of work and travel in a car in perfect condition.





A week later, we handed the car over to Thomas. We are very satisfied with the ease and speed of renting between individuals. If more people shared their cars, the roads in Reunion would perhaps be less congested! As a bonus, car sharing contributes to the protection of the environment, promotes human contact and saves money. So it’s a tried and tested experience for ICT.io. Thank you Zotcar!

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