WebCup Mauritius: register and create your website in 24 hours!

WebCup Mauritius: register and create your website in 24 hours!

You are creative, innovative and have some knowledge of website creation? Do you want to take up the challenge of creating a website in 24 hours? The Mauritius Webcup is for you! Hurry up and register for the 6th edition, which will be held on May 5th and 6th at Ebony’s BPML CyberTower.



Here we go again for a new edition of the WebCup in Mauritius! Following the success of the previous editions, the organizers, like the OTAM (Outsourcing & Telecommunications Association of Mauritius), have decided to organize the 6th edition, here in Mauritius.

The official launch of the 2018 Webcup took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of ICT in Ebony at a press conference held on Thursday, April 19. In attendance were: Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Dev Sunnassy, President of MITIA and FINAM, Catherine Mitaine, President of CCIFM and OTAM Vice Treasurer Lindsay.

“It is a competition that brings together all specialists in the field of ICT. This competition will give a spotlight on the talents in the field of design, creation of websites through different skills. I would like to point out that Mauritius has the largest number of participants, which shows the interest of young people to develop, create something and work as a team, “said the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Yogida Sawmynaden.


WebCup Maurice : inscris-toi et crée ton site en 24 heures chrono !


It is in collaboration with the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Information and the NCB (National Computer Board) that OTAM, MITIA (Mauritius Information & Technology Industry Association) and the CCIFM (CCI France Maurice) are organising the biggest WebCup ever by welcoming a large number of participants!

For the record, since 2010, 1300 people have taken part in La WebCup in the Indian Ocean and in 2017 alone, 272 participants across the 7 territories. The figures for Mauritius show a participation of 330 people since 2013, which is equivalent to a 25% participation rate in the Indian Ocean area.

“The idea behind the Webcup is to really enhance the skills and generate vocations in the web professions. This competition also allows to weave the bonds of friendship and cooperation with other neighboring territories through the exchange, know-how and sharing of experiences,” said the minister.

Thus, once again, the competition will take place at the same time on the 7 territories of the Indian Ocean, namely Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, the Union of the Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius and Rodrigues. A small novelty this year is the participation of Burkina Faso, which undoubtedly announces the interest of other African countries to participate in the coming years. The theme of the competition will be revealed to all participants at the same time.


WebCup Maurice : inscris-toi et crée ton site en 24 heures chrono !


How to register for the competition?

The WebCup is an exceptional digital adventure, but also the meeting place for website creation enthusiasts. This year, the 6th edition of the Webcup will be held on May 5-6, 2018 at BPML CyberTower1. Registration and selections are already open, with a deadline of April 30, 2018.

Whether you are a professional, a student or simply a website design enthusiast, you are welcome to compete! To do this, you must form a team of 1 to 4 people maximum. Three categories of teams are proposed: professionals, for fun and students. Once the team is formed, register on the site Please note that there is a participation fee, the exact amount of which is communicated at the time of online registration.


WebCup Maurice : inscris-toi et crée ton site en 24 heures chrono !


What is the WebCup?

The WebCup is a fun and educational competition initiated by the eponymous association in Reunion Island. It consists in the realization and the creation of Internet sites in 24hrs non-stop. The aim is to promote talent in the ICT sector, particularly in the Internet sector, but also to increase the international visibility of the ICT sector.

The WebCup association of Reunion Island exists since 2009 and will celebrate this year its 9 years of existence on the sister island. To learn more, we invite you to read the article “The WebCup association, an entrepreneurial digital adventure”.

As mentioned earlier, Mauritius is hosting the 6th edition of this competition, organized by OTAM, MITIA and CCIFM in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT. A renewed collaboration and public-private partnership, which shows the dynamism instilled in the promotion of the ICT sector in Mauritius and internationally.


WebCup Maurice : inscris-toi et crée ton site en 24 heures chrono !


Provisional schedule for the competition in Mauritius

Saturday, May 5th

08:30: Welcome and installation of the candidates.

09:30 : End of the reception of the teams

09:40 : Presentation of the different teams and reminder of the rules

10:20 am: Official opening speech

10:40 am: Snack & networking

11:00 a.m.: Top Start: launch and discovery of the subject

7:00 pm: Distribution of hot meals


Sunday, May 6th

07:00 : Breakfast

10:00 am: Candidates start uploading their sites to FTP

12:00 : End of the competition, cut off of the internet access to the candidates and submission of the data sheets – Lunch break for the participants

12:00: The jury begins to deliberate by examining the codes and sites

2:00 pm: Presentation of the sites to the jury (1 min pitch and 3 min questions/answers)

3.45pm: Jury deliberation

16:30: Award ceremony

5:30 pm: Snack & networking.

Hurry up and register and good luck to all participants!


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