Data Transfer Project: Giants form alliance for data portability!

Data Project Transfer: the giants form an alliance for data portability!

Putting their rivalry aside, the Web giants are joining forces to create Data Project Transfer. The mission of this common open source platform is to act as a facilitator in the transfer of data between applications.



A week ago, Google was nailed by the European Union with a $5 billion fine. A fine to punish the web giant’s thirst for dominance in its market. In spite of this, the American firm is aligning itself with other web giants to set up the “Data Project Transfer” project.

Indeed, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have joined forces to create a common, open platform to facilitate the transfer of data between different applications. This collaboration will facilitate the portability of personal data for Internet users who wish to transfer their data from one service to another.

“The Data Transfer Project is a project that aims to “help users move their personal data securely and seamlessly between service providers,” Microsoft said in a blog post, as technology groups are regularly criticized for their use of users’ personal data.


Data Project Transfer : les géants font alliance pour la portabilité des données !


An exchange of data between the different services

This “Data Transfer” project will undoubtedly delight Internet users, who will gain in convenience. You wonder how? Currently, some online services and social networks, such as Facebook, allow you to download all your data to your computer: photos, messages, contacts, various documents, etc. But it is not necessarily obvious or even possible to download these files to another service, because they are not technologically compatible. This made it impossible to leave one service or social network and choose another without losing all your data.

Joining forces to create the Data Transfer Project, the web giants are developing a platform that will allow data to be transferred directly between different services. Note that this platform will also rely on a compatible digital format, which means that an API will have to be designed to support different formats.

In addition, this platform is open to any company or service that wants to participate.

A project that will please the EU


Le RGPD, Règlement général sur la protection des données : que faut-il retenir ?


The context in which the web giants evolve is quite particular. After the many scandals that have shaken them, privacy policies and the protection of user data are now a high priority and very serious. Added to this is the entry into force of the “ General Data Protection Regulation ” (GDPR) in Europe.

Therefore, this collaboration for a common project is undoubtedly a decision that should be appreciated by both Internet users and the European Union. Taking into account, as mentioned above, the current context of great sensitivity regarding the use of personal data.

Before rejoicing over such a project, it must be pointed out that for the moment, the Data Transfer Project is still in its infancy. However, a white paper is already available online. Only time will tell whether this joint project will be realized or not!


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