The call of the Big Blue with Blue Safari!

The call of the Big Blue with Blue Safari!

After our
adventures in Casela
Last month, the Redac embarked on a new escapade. Unable to resist the call of the Big Blue, we tried an underwater adventure this time. Far from the traditional diving, we took off on a submarine and a subscooter with the Blue Safari team…



Blue skies, sunshine that protects us a little from the onslaught of this particularly biting southern winter, last Saturday, July 14, the editorial team is expected by Blue Safari, to live an exceptional underwater adventure! Before revealing everything, a portrait of this tourist company, led by very friendly professionals. Founded by two Frenchmen with a passion for the sea, Blue Safari offers its clients the possibility of experiencing unforgettable moments!


L’appel du Grand Bleu avec Blue Safari !


Focus on Blue Safari

“Blue Safari Submarine is the only submarine operator in Mauritius, but also in the whole Indian Ocean. We started our operation in 1998.

As there are only 12 tourist underwater bases in the world, we offer “A Lifetime Experience”, i.e. diving on board a real submarine to a depth of 35 meters. A dive that also gives the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of the Mauritian waters outside the lagoon.

Unlike other submarine operations, we operate two small-capacity submarines, one with 10 passengers and the other with five. No large boarding capacity, because we believe that the future lies in personalized and exclusive services.

We dive every day and every hour from 8:30am to 4:30pm. In 2005, we invented the Subscooter, which we manufacture for export. This small two-seater submarine can be enjoyed by anyone at a depth of 3 meters, even non-swimmers.

With no regulator in their mouths to breathe, passengers can talk freely and express their pleasure to each other. Of course, a diver accompanies them underwater to ensure their safety at all times. It is truly an incredible, original and fun experience!”

Unbelievable, we confirm that it is! (Editor’s note: discover our adventure a little further on in this article)


L’appel du Grand Bleu avec Blue Safari !


In addition to the unorthodox diving activities, what do you suggest to your clients to make this outing unforgettable?

“Blue Safari offers two unique and complementary alternatives for exploring the depths of the ocean: the Submarine and the Subscooter.

But for special events such as weddings, we offer underwater lunches. For example, we are the only ones to offer a wedding on board, under the eye of a cameraman diver, a “tête à tête” lunch accompanied by great wines or a champagne service under 35 metres of water…”


L’appel du Grand Bleu avec Blue Safari !


What are the prerequisites to participate in your activities? What about your rates?

“To participate in our activities, it is advisable to book at least 3 to 4 days in advance by writing to or by phone at (+230) 265 72 72.

To board the submarine, participants must be between the ages of 2 and 90 and be able to walk normally. As for the subscooter, the conditions are a little stricter, but it is also accessible to people who can neither swim nor dive. Then the pilot must be over 16 years old and the passenger over 8 years old. The activity is forbidden to pregnant women and to passengers suffering from claustrophobia, heart or cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems or ear problems.

Our prices vary according to our activities for adults and children: for the submarine, the price for children under 12 is 3050rs against 1400rs for babies under 3 years. For the adult, the price is 4900rs.

For the Subscooter, the activity made in couple is 6500rs against 4900rs for an individual exit. We also have packages to check out on our website !”

Do you plan to introduce other activities in the future?

“We plan to sink a new wreck, not only to participate in the artificial reef creation program, but also to enrich our dives by offering our clients the opportunity to experience two wrecks during the same session.”

When the Redac went to sea with the team, we had the chance to see this wreck. Unfortunately, as one of the crew members pointed out to us, this attempt did not really work out, but a future one is being considered.



A trip to the bottom of the sea!

Welcomed by the Blue Safari team in their premises in Trou-aux-biches (in front of the Pescatore restaurant), we started our excursion with the explanations on the course of our outing. On our way to the pier, where we take a seat on a motorboat that takes us to Betti, the platform! Yes, Betti is the large platform to which the submarine is docked, making it easy to board.


L’appel du Grand Bleu avec Blue Safari !


Little advice: if you are seasick (like me), avoid going out in swells. Warning: you will not be able to enjoy the view during the different transitions for the platforms (Betti and Ti Betti).

Once on board Betti, we are taken directly to board the submarine! As explained above, the submarine can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Dylan, the pilot, explains to us all the safety measures on board the submarine: inflatable jackets, regulators, small plastic bag if we feel bad (I reassure you, I did not need it!)

A very well equipped submarine!

Of course, technology being Ict’s hobby, we were interested in the technical aspect of the machine. Thus, the submarine houses multiple tools, especially on the dashboard, which would make most fir trees jealous…


L’appel du Grand Bleu avec Blue Safari !


The pilot explains us that there are several valves, the blue ones, to go up (to be activated if he is unable to do so!), radios to communicate with the “people above”, radios which collect the sound noises in a radius of 2 km (including the cries of dolphins). Dylan tells us that there is obviously a training course before you can pilot the submarine. The level 1 (minimum) of diving is a “must have” to be able to do this job. Electrical and plumbing skills are also required.

And what happens if you get trapped underwater? The submarine has electrical autonomy thanks to a battery, which allows it to remain underwater for three consecutive days. The submarine can, moreover, go to a depth of 60 meters.


L’appel du Grand Bleu avec Blue Safari !


Our little trip to the Mauritian seabed lasted at least 45 minutes, allowing us to admire a real wreck, turtles, fishes… an exceptional trip! Back on board Betti, we make an immediate transition to Ti Betti, located a few meters from Betti, for the subscooter dive.

The Ti Betti is well named: the platform is identical to Betti, but smaller. On board, the crew puts us in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (particularly pleasant to forget the swell that rumbles in my stomach!). A few minutes later, we are ready to go out on the subscooter…

And this subscooter dive, what does it look like?

Atypical dive ! We literally “rolled” underwater! In concrete terms, we float underwater while driving the scooter forward! But how does this “subscooter” work? First of all, the crew provides us with the equipment: wetsuit, diving shoes, etc. Then we are invited to take a seat on one of the subscooters.


L’appel du Grand Bleu avec Blue Safari !


Visualize a real scooter, with the only difference being that your head fits into a glass bubble to allow you to breathe and see underwater! It also has a regulator if you feel you can’t breathe normally! Two pedals located at the bottom, on the sides, allow you to move forward (rather roll) underwater. And in case of emergency, a red button sounds to signal the emergency.

Moreover, the session is accompanied by divers who swim. Optimal security for an unprecedented customer experience!

Feedback from Nancy : validated outing to do with family, friends or as a couple ! Nothing to worry about in terms of security, a warm welcome from real professionals who will put you at ease.

Back on dry land (with the seasickness, you can imagine that I let out a big sigh of relief), we find the whole team of Blue Safari that we thank for this incredible sea trip! Ask for the photos of your submarine and subscooter excursion to remember your day.

To discover the Mauritian seabed, see turtles, fish, a wreck, the beautiful coral reef, go to Blue Safari. Unforgettable outing guaranteed!


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