EDB signs a memorandum of understanding with Huawei Technologies (Mauritius) Co. Ltd

EDB signs a memorandum of understanding with Huawei Technologies (Mauritius) Co. Ltd

As part of the World AI Show and World Blockchain Summit, EDB signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Huawei Technologies (Mauritius) Co. Ltd. This took place on Wednesday 28 November at the InterContinental Resort. This collaboration is part of the EDB’s strategic initiatives to develop new vectors of economic growth, particularly around artificial intelligence.



An international technology powerhouse

Artificial Intelligence is once again at the heart of the news on Mauritian soil. Indeed, on November 28, a strategic partnership was concluded between the Economic Development Board and Huawei Technologies Mauritius. The purpose of the MOU is to focus on technology transfer, entrepreneurship and job creation. This new collaboration is also part of the EDB’s strategic initiatives.


The beginnings of Artificial Intelligence in Mauritius

According to the testimony of François Guibert, CEO of EDB, “this summit, as well as the signing of this MoU with Huawei, come to mark the beginnings of artificial intelligence in Mauritius.” Still according to him, the country’s economic development relies on “a wider and more significant adoption of the tools that new technologies offer us.” It goes without saying that artificial intelligence will indeed be part of the everyday life of Mauritians. Indeed, it is already present in many sectors, including medical, Fin Tech and energy management.


Various projects are planned for Huawei Technologies (Mauritius) and EDB

Thus, all these industries will be able to rely on AI to not only streamline their costs, but also improve production processes. In addition, the signing of the MOU represents an important step for both organizations. Indeed, it is the first step towards the implementation of various joint projects. For example, seminars, workshops, trainings and organization of entrepreneurial activities, among others. In addition, this collaboration should ensure that jobs and skills are matched in the ICT sector. This is achieved through research and development.


The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Four key components aim to harness the full potential of the ICT sector in Mauritius through this MoU. The first step is to build the capacity of the parties involved. Then there is infrastructure development. Strategy development is also on the agenda for the future growth of the ICT sector. Finally, we must not forget the rise ofArtificial Intelligence and the Blockchain. The latter are more and more anchored in the daily life of Mauritian companies.


A global summit dedicated entirely to AI

This global summit reinforces the importance of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies in Mauritius. This conference was organized by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, in collaboration with the EDB and the international firm Trescon. It took place about a month ago, November 28-30 at the InterContinental Resort as part of the World AI Show and World Blockchain Summit.

Image: EDB Mauritius

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